Phil Keoghan Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Amazing Race Host

Phil Keoghan Shirtless and Underwear: Amazing Race in Russia. Oh boy! We thought all along that we already wrote a post on the awesome shirtlessness of Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan but we, apparently, have not done that! So here’s a post to rectify our mistake. Better late than never, huh?

First, here are vidcaps from an Amazing Race episode in 2009 when our Kiwi hottie stripped to his Calvin Klein boxer briefs underwear. Want more famous men in Calvin Klein Underwear?

A shirtless Phil, in nothing but his underwear, welcomes us to wintery Russia.

phil keoghan underwear boxer briefs

Hmmm! We wonder what the guys behind him are thinking.

phil keoghan underwear - amazing race

Watchu looking at down there, Mr. Keoghan?

phil keoghan shirtless body

Based on the above photos, we now know the answer to the “Does Phil Keoghan wear boxers or briefs underwear” question. Clearly, he prefers a combination of the two.

Want a more recent Phil Keoghan shirtless photo? Is 2011 considered “recent”? If it is, then here’s a shirtless Phil showing us his muscles during a bodybuilding challenge. Too bad he’s not posing in bodybuilding trunks like the Amazing Race contestants in the back.

phil keoghan shirtless - bodybuilding challenge

Last year, Phil did a Reddit AMA interview where he answered some questions online. Here are some of the interesting questions and answers:

Is there a story behind your neck piece? I’ve seen you wear it for most (all?) seasons, and would love to know its origin.
I have worn it on every season. It is an indigenous necklace from New Zealand which was given to me as a way of providing safety over water. It’s origins come from the Maori people of New Zealand. It’s actually a decorative fish hook. For the most part, they are carved out of bone or green stone.

Have you had any teams you were secretly rooting for over the course of the show?
Yes, I’m always wanting some teams to do better than others. Sometimes just because I know that if they won, winning would have a really dramatic impact on their lives. It breaks my heart sometimes to have to eliminate a team and then there are other times I’m not that unhappy about it at all.

I’m curious: how are the greeters at the pit stops chosen? There have been some really fascinating figures!
The picking of the greeters is done in many different ways. Sometimes, it’s from local facilitators that make a suggestion, sometimes from our scout when we initially go to a new location. The great thing is that they’re interesting people everywhere so it’s not hard to choose. You’re right about fascinating figures! Do you remember the world’s tallest man standing next to me in China?

Thanks for all the work you do with the National MS Society. Do you have a personal connection with the disease that has encouraged you to do so much fundraising for it?
Initially, I did not have a personal connection to MS when I first started working for the cause in 2007. However, I have since found out that MS is in my family and I have now made so many friends in the MS community that the personal connections I have are a huge part as to why I continue to be involved.

When A.R. team films in different countries, do you get sponsored by it’s Tourism Boards? I figured, they would sponsor your show to get advertisements in U.S. media.
We are constantly approached by tourism offices but we work independently – that’s not to say that we don’t pick up on some of their ideas as far as challenges go.

If you were to run in the Amazing Race, who would be your partner?
Well I have no desire at all to run the amazing race – let me just make that clear. However, if I was to run the race, my first choice would be my father. He’s one of the smartest people I know and we are extremely compatible traveling together. I first started traveling with him when I was 3 and in recent times we’ve gone on lots of great adventures together and our combination and personality just works for travel!

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers!

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