Peyton Manning Shirtless, Workout Videos, Family Photos

Peyton Manning Shirtless Photos (update 04 April 2012) We’ve seen his kid brother’s shirtless pic — see Highest Paid Footballers — now here are two shirtless photos of this multi-awarded football quarterback.

peyton manning shirtless

He’s smooth, man! Is he naturally like that or did he do a Simon Cowell and have a body hair removal?

peyton manning shirtless football quarterback

And here’s an interesting pic of Peyton during his younger days as a college football jock.

young peyton manning

Peyton Family Football Dynasty: Speaking of younger days, here’s Peyton and the rest of the Manning boys. That’s dad Archie, older bro Cooper, and younger kid Eli.

peyton manning family

You might not have heard of Cooper but he had the makings of a great footballer like his dad and siblings. Unfortunately, his promising football career was derailed by spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal canal, according to wikipedia) which was diagnosed when he was 18 years old. Sad, no? But let’s not be too sad for him because he’s now a successful investment banker.

The Manning boys decades of years later.

peyton manning father and brothers

An early magazine cover photo of the Manning guys except Eli.

peyton manning family

Want more Peyton family photos? Here you go:

peyton manning with cooper

peyton manning football family

Pretty cool photos of a football family dynasty, no? But since our post is really mainly about Eli, let’s go back to him with this high school yearbook photo. Does he remind you of the talented actor that is Edward Norton?

peyton manning yearbook senior

Because of his very successful career as a football player, Peyton is a sought-after product endorser. In fact, Sports Illustrated ranks him as the fourth top sports endorser (after Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and LeBron James) in 2011. He has endorsed MasterCard, Papa Johns Pizza, Gatorade, Oreo cookies and several others too many to count.

Peyton and Eli for Oreo.

peyton eli manning

He kinda looks good with a mustache don’t you think?

peyton manning hot

Peyton Manning Workout Videos: Wondering how Peyton keeps himself in shape? Well, check out his workout videos back when he was still with the Colts.

Dumbbell bench press workout:

Back strengthening exercise with a back hyper machine:

Agility exercise through “reactive tennis balls”:

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Peyton Manning is a Singer – Video: Look who’s got himself a record deal when his football career comes to an end. It’s Peyton Manning! Well, not really but we think he’s got a better chance of snagging a record deal than Joaquin Phoenix hehe).

We’re sure Kenny Chesney will be there to assist Peyton in his quest to become a singing footballer.

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