Peter Krause Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Peter Krause Underwear and Shirtless Photos. Are we the only ones who sometimes confuse Parenthood star Peter Krause with Raising Hope star Garret Dillahunt? Seriously, when we first saw the pic above we were like, “Hey look! It’s the incompetent father/grandfather on Raising Hope!” But then it turns out that he is a totally different actor. Maybe its time we buy ourselves a pair of glasses, huh? All this staring at the computer monitor is taking a toll on our vision. Who says blogging cannot be hazardous to your health?

peter krause - hot geek

But enough with our personal issues, hehe, we know you are more interested on the shirtlessness of the 47-year-old hot daddy that is Peter Krause so if its a shirtless Peter you want, it’s a shirtless Peter you’re gonna get.

peter krause shirtless - young

Admittedly, these photos are a little dated but they’re better than nothing. Right? Now this is the kind of hairy chest we wouldn’t mind on our man. Are you listening Nev Schulman?

Want some Peter Krause underwear photos? Here you go! Apparently, he is a boxer shorts kind of guy.

peter krause underwear -peekabo

From the back.

peter krause underwear - boxer shorts

And here’s an underwear pic of our Peter with Sports Night co-star Josh Charles.

peter krause with josh charles in sports night

Lest you accuse us of not publishing shirtless pics of our hunk daddy during his “daddy stage”, well here are recent photos of the sexy actor which were taken last January this year during the filming of the season finale of Parenthood.

peter krause no shirt in beach shorts

Looks like he needs more time under the sun.

peter krause shirtless daddy

With co-star Monica Potter, who plays his wife on Parenthood.

peter krause chest hair - parenthood shooting with monica potter

In real life, Peter is in a relationship with actress Lauren Graham who also stars on Parenthood which, you would be thrilled to know, is coming back for a fifth season.

peter krause - michael c hall

Nope, this is not Lauren Graham. Hehe. That’s Michael C. Hall, his gay brother in the critically acclaimed HBO series Six Feet Under. Who says gay men ain’t butch enough to lift a guy? Not these two, obviously.

Could it be that the pic above is misleading people to think that Peter Krause is himself gay? For some reason, the denizens of have placed his gay meter at 72%: “According to 50 visitors Peter Krause is 74% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Peter Krause has been voted highly gay.”

Do you agree or disagree with such an assessment? [Deena sez: Huh? Is gayness/straightness now up to the public to assess and vote upon? What kind of world are we turning into? Yaiiikkks!!!]