Pepe Jeans For Men – British Denim Brand – Gaspard Menier

Pepe Jeans For Men – British Denim Brand – Gaspard Menier. Looking for a hunky dude who looks good in jeans? Well, check out French male model Gaspard Menier rocking his Pepe Jeans.

Gaspard is 22 years old, stands at 188 cm, hails from Poitou in France, and, aside from being a male model, he is reportedly also a musician. Hmmm? A triple threat multi-talented hunk of a man.

Any of you heard his music? Do you have a favorite song of the guy we should check out?

Pepe Jeans For Men

By the way, did you know that Pepe jeans is a British brand. All this time, we thought it’s a Spanish label but it was started by two Kenya-born Brits.

Here’s the interesting story about the brand’s beginnings (via wikipedia): “In 1973 jeanswear entrepreneur Shantilal Parmar spotted Nitin Shah, who worked for a petrol station, and made him a commissioned agent selling jeans. Parmar taught Nitin about the jeanswear business, from washes, fabrics, and stitching. After this, Nitin envisioned a denim empire and commissioned the help of his brothers Arun and Milan Shah.”

More about Pepe Jeans: “The Kenya-born brothers decided to set up shop: Sholemay Ltd, Pepe Jeans. The brothers thought that naming it ‘Pepe’ was a short, cute name which was easy to write (and remember)… Through the 1980s, the denim company achieved European prominence.”

Pepe Jeans For Men

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Jeremy Young For Pepe Jeans Winter Catalogue (18 December 2010). Pretty male model Jeremy Young appears in the Fall/Winter catalogue of the popular British denim brand, Pepe Jeans. Is that a leather jacket he’s wearing above? Despite it’s name, Pepe Jeans is more than just jeans. It also makes leather jackets and shirts and stuff.

british denim pants - pepe jeans for men

We love, love, love the blueness of this denim jacket.

pepe jeans for men jeremy young

We love the blue plaid shirt too. We’re not really fans of plaid but this one’s pretty chic and classy!

pepe jeans for men fall winter

pepe jeans for men fall winter menswear

Men’s Casual Fashion: Jon Kortajarena in Pepe Jeans (13 July 2010). Our imaginary boyfriend and “treetwalker” Spanish male model Jon Kortajarena goes for the casual look in his Pepe jeans.

pepe jeans for men

pepe jeans for men jon kortajarena

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