Pedro Pascal Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Pedro Pascal Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Seven years later, we are updating this post to talk about our Chilean-American actor talking about his underwear preference. Specifically, he tells us during an interview with GQ Magazine that he likes them his Hugo Boss boxer briefs. It’s one of the Ten Essential Things He Can’t Live Without,

Quote: “Final essential, a clean pair of underwear. It doesn’t have to be green, it doesn’t have to be Hugo Boss although I enjoy Hugo Boss, a clean pair of underwear, kinda hand in hand with the toiletries, you know what I mean?”

pedro pascal underwear - hugo boss boxer briefs

When asked why he specifically likes Hugo Boss, here’s what Pedro says about that: “I would say that it keeps it all together and you know, doesn’t itch. I don’t model them, really, but you’re gonna have to ask somebody else how they look, but I enjoy them, they’re comfortable, they’re comfortable was the easy answer.”

So there you have it UnderwearWatchers, our Pedro is a boxer briefs kind of guy. Want more Men in Boxer Briefs?

Pedro Pascal Shirtless Photos: Gay or Girlfriend? (06 June 2013) Who is this shirtless hunky guy who just oozes with hawt manliness? Well, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones you may already be aware of his name, Pedro Pascal, because he’s been cast as Oberyn Martell in the upcoming 4th season of the HBO hit.

pedro pascal shirtless body tattoo

Here are other Pedro Pascal shirtless photos taken when he guested on the TV crime drama Nikita on The CW.

pedro pascal hot - shirtless photo

pedro pascal sexy shirtless - games of thrones

pedro pascal shirtless in nikita

How hawt is this guy? Although he’s been acting in Hollywood since 1996 and has appeared on numerous shows such as the top-rated Law & Order, the critically acclaimed The Good Wife, and the crime drama Graceland, his HBO casting would be his biggest break and has the potential of making him a bigger star in Hollywood.

And why not? He’s handsome, he’s got a jaw that’s the envy of every man (except perhaps George Clooney), he’s got a body to die for and, most importantly for us Famewatchers, he doesn’t mind going shirtless. Hehe.

Pedro Pascal gay some men

The Pedro Pascal shirtless photo above is from the Off-Broadway play, Some Men, a play by Tony/Emmy award-winning playwright Terrence McNally “which chronicle and contrast the lives and attitudes of gay men in the United States over the past 80 years”.

Our friend Kevin asks: Hmm. So our Pedro played a gay role in an off-Broadway play, could this be an indicator that he is a friend of Dorothy?

Our answer to Kevin: Huh? Are you crazy? It’s called acting, silly. Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks played gay in Philadelphia and no one asked whether that’s an indicator that they are gay. Stop that nonsense, will yah?

Our friend Deena asks: Does Pedro have a girlfriend? Our answer: We can’t find any info on this. Our go-to site answer a question like this would be and Both sites does not yield any “girlfriend list” for Pedro.

But we are sure to find out whether Pedro has a girlfriend or a wife or maybe a boyfriend as the press increases its coverage of his activities which, of course, is the price he has to pay for getting a very important role in a very important show.

Anyhoo, we’ll leave you with this photo of Pedro and his Some Men castmate Jesse Hooker. They’re both hawt, huh?

jesse hooker and pedro pascal in some men - off broadway play

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