Paul Karmiryan Shirtless Photos: SYTYCD Armenian Hunk

Paul Karmiryan Shirtless Photos. Holy molly! We think we found our imaginary reality-TV boyfriend this season. His name is Paul Karmiryan. He’s 21 years old. He’s sexy, hot, and has a really great smile. He rocks his V-neck shirt. And he is a 56th degree cousin of the Kardashians.

paul karmiryan - v neck shirt - is he gay

Okay, the Kardashian thing is not true. But like the Kardashians, Paul also traces his roots from said Eastern European country. Check out his audition video. Update: Sorry, video deleted at source

He’s a great dancer, isn’t he? We hope his dance partner also auditioned because she’s just as great. Anyhoo, Paul revealed in the video that he competed in the Armenian version of So You Think You Can Dance and ended up being crowned as the winner. How cool is that? But leave it to the douchebags of the world (we’re looking at you Youtube commenters) to say that his victory in SYTYCD-Armenia should disqualify him from competing in the US version. Heh.

Here are some shirtless photos of Paul aka Pol taken when he was competing in Armenia (courtesy of

paul karmiryan shirtless - armenian tv - shanttv dot com

Pol with Armenian dance parter, Mari.

paul karmiryan shirtless - armenian tv with partner mari

And here’s a shirtless photo he shared to his Facebook fans.

paul karmiryan - is he a model

How hot is he in the pic above? We’ve never been fans of red denim jeans on guys until we saw the above photo.

More about Paul from his profile on
Q: What was your reaction to becoming a SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE contestant?
A: I feel extremely honored and excited to be a part of such amazing show.

Q: At what age did you first start to dance?
A: I started dancing, unofficially, at 9 years old. I started training in Latin Ballroom at 17 years old.

Q: Do you have any formal dance training?
A: Yes, Latin Ballroom Training

Q: What other training/talents do you have?
A: I also have a passion for art.

Q: Do you currently have a job?
A: Yes, I am a Latin Ballroom Instructor at Matador Dance Studio. I have been teaching there for 3 years.

Q: Are you currently in school?
A: Yes, I am a senior in my Psychology Major at California State University, Northridge.

Q: What dancer from another season would be your dream dance partner?
A: Melanie Moore!!!

Q: Which dancer from another season were you most inspired by?
A: Twitch!!!

Q: What choreographer do you look forward to working with?

Q: What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
A: That I have a passion for art.


Huh! No question on whether he has a girlfriend? Oh, you don’t want the fans to know anything about that because it should all be about the dancing. So do any of you fellow Dancewatchers know whether this Armenian hunk has a girlfriend. Or maybe, as our friend Kevin insists, Paul has a boyfriend? If you happen to have info on these questions, do tell in the comment section. Hehe.