Paris Hilton Fashion Style: Maxi Dress Makes For a Trendy Hipster

Paris Hilton Fashion Style: Maxi Dress Makes For a Trendy Hipster. Paris Hilton’s maxi dress is cool isn’t it? She may not be an “artist”, to borrow the words of Lady Gaga, but she sure knows how to rock the maxi long dress. It brings out the inner hippie in her.

If you want to go for that Paris Hilton look, its easy, just get yourself a long dress, wear a headband around your hair, and carry a tambourine. Okay, Paris doesn’t really carry a tambourine but she might as well do if she wants to get that “perfect hippie look”.

paris hilton fashion style

What? You’re more interested in Lady Gaga’s dissing of Paris Hilton?

Here’s what Lady Gaga supposedly said according to the Daily Star: “I don’t see Paris as an artist. People assume that all the girls who went to my school were like Nicky and Paris and the truth is that I went to a very, very religious school. Some girls were very artistic, some did drugs and didn’t give a f***. It was like any other high school. Except we had nuns.”

She adds: “I was the smart, studious theatre and music student. “I didn’t hang out with all the popular blonde girls. I wasn’t blonde really until I was 20 years old.”

So there, that’s what Lady Gaga reportedly said. For other celebs rocking their maxi dress, check out Sandra Bullock’s Alberta Ferretti dress and Kim K and company in their long red dresses.


EARLIER POST on Paris Hilton Fashion Style (05 July 2010). Fresh from South Africa where she was arrested for suspected marijuana possession (the arrest was a mistake according to follow-up reports), Paris Hilton walks the runway modeling a maxi dress.

paris hilton fashion maxi dress

Nah, not really, she’s actually not in some runway but these photos remind us of Kathy Griffin’s comment about Paris, i.e., that whatever the occasion and wherever she is the hotel heiress/reality TV star walks as if she’s modeling in some runway in Milan.

paris hilton fashion style maxi dress

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