Papi Male Underwear Models: Brett Novek, Leo Corredor, Derek Keeton

Papi Male Underwear Models, Part II. More than a decade later, we are updating this post to bring you more gorgeous guys posing in Papi Underwear. Yup, the brand is still very much around. RIP Ginch Gonch. Unfortunately, we don’t have the names of these models but once we do find out who they are, we’re gonna update this post in the future.

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papi male underwear models 2022

papi male underwear models

Papi Male Underwear Models: Brett Novek, Leo Corredor, Derek Keeton (14 January 2010). American male model, reality star (he was in America’s Most Smartest Model), and actor Brett Novek models Papi Underwear in these photos. Papi is a fairly new underwear company based in the United States.

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Here’s how the company describes itself and its Papi undies: “Papi, the name embodies and represents paternal endearment and recognition. Papi is a man who possesses style, sophistication and a certain appeal while maintaining a strong sense of self. Papi underwear is know for capturing style a man’s individuality. Papi represents the latest trends in men’s fashion and provides hot, provocative, and colorful designs. Silhouettes are continually created and updated using premium fabrics with a man’s body and needs in mind.”

UPDATE: Turns out that Papi originated from Peru which explains the name. Papi is derived from the Spanish word “Padre” which literally means “Priest” but which can also be used to mean “Daddy” or as a pet name for your boyfriend.

Urban dictionary also defines Papi thus: “A hot latino or black male that has lotta personality and apariance. Mostly use in hispanics males.”

The Papi Underwear brand, which has been getting good reviews among underwear reviewers (believe you us, there are such people) offers the following: “Papi Premium Cotton, Papi Premium Cotton Stretch, Papi Modern Stretch, Papi Pima Cotton, Papi Cool Jersey, and Papi Aerocool.”

UPDATE: Video of Papi underwear models for those of you who like to see your Papi boys in action. The first video is from a 2009 Papi Underwear Fashion Show while the second one is from a 2010 media event where hunky male models pose in their Papi undies.

UPDATE 2: Want more hot Papi models? Of course, we all do. So let’s have two more models looking awesome in their Papis. Leonardo Corredo is a model from Miami Beach, Florida.

papi male underwear model leo corredor

Meanwhile, Derek Keeton, is originally from West Virginia but is currently based in Jersey City in New Jersey.

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Papi Male Underwear Models: Brett Novek, Leo Corredor, Derek Keeton. Posted 14 January 2010. Last updated: November 28, 2022 at 4:38 am.