Lauren Budd David Walliams Relationship: Is She A Cheater?

Lauren Budd David Walliams Relationship. Did David Walliams fall for Lauren Budd’s leather leggings? It’s an interesting relationship between these two, no? Hot sailor David is 37 years old. Lauren is 18 years old. We are going to say, “Ewww, she’s old enough to be your daughter.” But hey, if they’re in love, who are we to say anything. Oh, and we love Lauren’s black leather pants.

lauren budd david walliams relationship

Lauren Budd David Walliams Part II: A lot of you were looking for manther David Walliams and Lauren Budd so we decided to do another post on this lovey-dovey couple even though we are jealous of them because we don’t have boyfriends at the moment to escort us to parties and stuff.

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Kyle Wilker Jonathan Knight Relationship: He’s My Gay Ex-Boyfriend

Kyle Wilker Jonathan Knight Gay Relationship: He’s My Gay Ex-Boyfriend. Oops, we got us a kiss and tell story courtesy of this Brazilian model dude Kyle Wilker who reportedly told the National Enquirer that Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block is his ex-boyfriend.

kyle wilker jonathan knight gay relationship - gay lovers

Nothing wrong with them being gay and being lovers and all but we kinda don’t like this Kyle dude for his kiss-and-telling ways. Seriously. It’s one thing to out a hypocrite like Ted Haggard who is preaching hatred against gays. It’s a totally different thing to out a semi-recluse celebrity who is keeping what he does in the bedroom private. So wassup, Kyle? What’s up with the needless blabbing?

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Rafael Carreras Cuban Hunk is a Male Model and Actor

Rafael Carreras Cuban Hunk is a Male Model and Actor. Rafael Carreras is a Cuban male model and actor who is reportedly based in Spain where he runs a successful bar in the Spanish island of Ibiza. Well, he’s being a bar owner is actually from a report in 2006 and we don’t know whether he’s still running the bar or is doing something else.

rafael carreras cuban male model

But enough with what he’s doing. Let’s just ogle at his hot Latino hunkiness. We love his white jeans!

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Miley Cyrus vs Asians: I’m Not Racist, I Won’t Apologize

Miley Cyrus vs Asians: I’m Not Racist, I Won’t Apologize. Remember that infamous photo of Miley Cyrus slanting her eyes? We have uploaded it here for those of you who are looking for it. In response to the hubbub which followed, Miley wrote about the matter on her website.

She goes: “I’ve also been told there are some people upset about some pictures taken of me with friends making goofy faces! Well, I’m sorry if those people looked at those pics and took them wrong and out of context!” Cyrus says on her official Web site. “In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity!”

Miley adds: “I definitely feel like the press is trying to make me out as the new ‘BAD GIRL!’ ” Cyrus writes. “I feel like now that Britney [Spears] is back on top of her game again, they need someone to pick on! Lucky me!”

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Daniela Arnaut Cristiano Ronaldo Relationship: Is She His Girlfriend?

Daniela Arnaut Cristiano Ronaldo Relationship: Is She His Girlfriend? This Daniela Arnaut girl comes across as a little bit trashy but we give her credit for having a fine taste in men. She is, after all, eyeing that hunk of a man, Cristiano Ronaldo. Who would blame her if she wants to romp in the bedroom with the Portuguese star footballer? Certainly not us. After all, some of us Famewatchers also dream of doing the same thing. Hehehe.

Anyway, Daniela Arnaut is a Bulgarian model and dancer and here’s what she says of Cristiano [according to the British tabloid, The Sun]: “He is sexy, with a fantastic future ahead of him, and millions of women are crazy about him. I would certainly give him something to wink about.”

What do you think of Daniela Arnaut’s chances of boinking Ronaldo? Do you think he’ll pay her any attention? Hey, Daniela, if you ever get what you’re wishing for, be sure you make a video of your bedroom “calisthenics”, okay? We’d like to see whatever it is you do that will make Cristiano “wink”!

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Miley Cyrus Asian Slanty Eyes Scandal

Miley Cyrus Asian Slanty Eyes Scandal. There’s a scandal out there involving Disney star Miley Cyrus. Check out the photo below of her slanting her eyes. Because this particular gesture has been used to mock Asians, a Chinese organization, understandably, has issued a statement condemning the teen star. Anyhoo, for those of you wondering, Miley is apparently the girl sitting on the guy’s lap. We gotta admit that we can’t seem to recognize her.

What say you, Ms. Miley Cyrus? If that’s you in the pic, then that was really an un-cool thing to do. [What are you, a member of the Spanish Olympic basketball team?

miley cyrus asian slanty eyes scandal

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