Paddy O’Brian is Our Hot Guy in Suit of the Day

Paddy O’Brian: British Actor Model is Our Hot Guy in Suit. Today in Hot Men in Suits, we bring you model and actor Paddy O’Brian who really really looks good in suit. In fact, he even manages to look fashionable and stylish even in some of the ill-fitting suits that some stylist made him wear in the photo below.

paddy o brian hot guy in suit

Thankfully, the same pair of trousers does not look as ill-fitting in the next photo below. Want more hot men in suits?

hot guys in suits paddy o brian model actor2

Next up in our collection of Paddy looking gorgeous in a suit is this one where he’s giving the “wide stance” pose that in-the-closet Republican Senators like to do in airport bathrooms. We know making this reference outs us as oldsters but some of you will know what we mean. Haha.

hot guys in suit - paddy o brian

He sure likes him his wide stance pose, no?

hot guys in suits paddy o brian model actor

hot men in suit - paddy o brian

hot men in suit - paddy o brian - menatplay2

Of course, Paddy ain’t just a guy who look dapper in a suit. He looks good without them too, like, when he is wearing a police uniform as seen below. You can arrest us officer!!!

paddy o brian hot men in police uniform

He also looks cool when he’s wearing nothing but a tank top shirt.

paddy o brian tank top shirt

Or when he is playing the role of a shirtless boxer. And who says he can’t be a real boxer, no? Watch out Conor McGregor!

paddy o brian shirtless boxer

Now, although we love him in his suits, we got to admit that our favorite photo of the English adult actor is the one below. As some of you already know, we have a thing for hirsute men especially if they go for some manscaping and do not let their body hair run amuck.

paddy o brian update shirtless - hirsute actor

So what’s Paddy O’Brien doing these days? Well, he continues to star in adult movies. You can also find him on Instagram but we are not sure if Grandma Akita will allow us to write his handle here. Haha. Just google him.

Paddy O’Brian Update: Hot in a Suit and Hirsute Actor. Last updated: May 23, 2020 at 5:24 am.