Padded Underwear for Men: Cycling, Equestrian, Sports, Aesthetic

Padded Underwear for Men: Cycling, Equestrian, Sports, Aesthetic. Enhancements for men’s underwear is becoming more common these days but do you guys really need padded underwear? If you are engaged in sporty activities where you gotta protect either your bum or your “front area”, then it goes without saying that you do need to get yourself some padded underwear.

For instance, if you are an equestrian or spend a significant amount of time on top of a horse, then you should buy a padded equestrian underwear like this Equetech ComfyRumps (£39.95):

equestrian padded underwear

We hope said underwear comes in other colors because white easily stains and is harder to wash.

More about the ComfyRumps from “Incorporating the latest design features and fabric technology to provide optimum comfort in the saddle. Soft seam free seats, non chaff leg trim and comfort waistbands with 4mm padding to seat and inner thighs. Contour padding throughout the seat and inner leg line. Thigh length. Unisex. Made in the UK. Nylon/Lycra fabric.”

Aside from the ComfyRumps, equetech also sells Equetech Mens Padded Boxer Shorts for £23.50. [For more men’s underwear, check out our earlier post on Men’s Silk Underwear.]

Another sports activity where you need padded underwear is cycling. There’s lots of padded bike underwear out there including this Aero Tech Elite Air Gel Padded Cycling Underwear (available for

mens padded bike cycling underwear

More about the AeroTech padded cycling underwear (from “Super cool mesh cycling liner. Convert any short into a cycling garment and enjoy your bike ride. This cool micro mesh liner is great as an undergarment. It is made from a soft and stretchy fabric. Wicking Polyester 83% Polyester / 17% Spandex Mesh Fabric is extremely breathable and cool. Legs stay in place with light elastic. Flatlocked seams are soft and smooth next to your skin. This garment makes a good liner for any short.”

Now, if you engage in contact sports such as karate or mixed martial arts (MMA), its good if you get yourself some groin protector underwear like this World Karate Federation (WKF)-approved Adidas protector.

adidas groin protector underwear - karate

Other protectors include this Under Armour Sonic Compression Short With Cup Pocket (on sale at for $14.99 down from $29.99).

under armour groin protector underwear

Or you can opt for this more expensive ($24.99) Shock Doctor Ultra Supporter with Power Carbon Flex Cup.

padded underwear for men shock doctor protector

Padded men’s underwear is, of course, not only for sporty activities. You can also buy yourself some padded briefs or boxers to enhance your manly assets. Brands which seem to understand this need for enhanced shapewear for men include Andrew Christian, Leo Underwear, ES Collection, Go Softwear, Rounderbum, and many others. Here’s one from Leo Underwear which is designed to enhance your bum without making it look bulky.

padded underwear for men Leonisa

And here’s a pair of bum-enhanced underwear from Go Softwear Superpadded Briefs which is made of 90% cotton 10% lycra and which you can buy for $37.50 at the label’s website.

mens padded underwear go softwear

Want to buy some enhanced underwear? Check out this price guide for enhanced briefs and boxers.

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