Oscar Isaac Shirtless, Speedo, and Girlfriend

Oscar Isaac Shirtless, Speedo, and Wife. We are updating this post to note that Oscar is now a very much married man and that he’s also a certified zaddy. He tied the knot with Danish film director Elvira Lind in 2017 and the couple have two sons together. Here’s the couple attending a red carpet event back during the pre-pandemic days when red carpet events were a thing:

oscar isaac wife elvira lind 2017 wedding

Now, we’re loving his friendship with Pedro Pascal so here’s another photo of the two chillin’.

oscar isaac gay with pedro pascal

Some shirtless photos of Oscar having fun at the beach:

oscar isaac shirtless

oscar isaac shirtless body

Rocking his Gucci leather jacket:

oscar isaac leather jacket by prada

oscar isaac hot

And here are photos of Oscar in his Speedo swimsuit (from the movie Mojave) and in his briefs underwear (from the Broadway production of Hamlet).

oscar isaac speedo in mojave

oscar isaac underwear

Oscar Isaac Gay or Straight? (19 December 2015). We have a new imaginary movie boyfriend. We’re pretty sure you met him already. You’ve definitely met him if watched the latest Star Wars movie, i.e., The Force Awakens. We are referring, of course, to Latino hunky hunky hunk Oscar Isaac who played the role of Poe Dameron. We feel in love the first time we saw him on the big screen.

Anyhoo, for those of you — like our friend Kevin — who are wondering whether Oscar is a friend of Dorothy, the answer is that he’s not. In fact, he’s got a girlfriend named Maria Miranda. Here’s a pic of the happy couple enjoying a walk in New York City.

oscar isaac girlfriend maria miranda

Now, although he is as straight as an arrow, Oscar does not mind playing gay roles. For instance, he played Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca — the LGBT Spanish poet who was assassinated during the Spanish Civil War. Here’s Oscar as Garcia Lorca on the stage play, Beauty of the Father.

oscar isaac gay or straight - gay as garcia lorca in beauty of the father

Maybe the “Is Oscar Isaac ghey” question is fueled by images like the ones below where our Latino hottie goes intimate with other male celebrities. For instance, here’s Oscar going touchy touchy on the red carpet with Star Wars co-star Adam Driver:

oscar isaac gay with adam driver

He also goes Oscar goes handsy with Jake Gyllenhaal, Pedro Pascal, and Benedict Cumberbatch who all love what he is doing. Yay!

oscar isaac gay with jake gyllenhaal - pedro pascal - cumberbatch

Oscar Isaac Shirtless. This section is for those of you looking for some Oscar Isaac shirtless photos. These images are still photos from some of his movies: A Most Violent Year, Mojave, and Robin Hood.

oscar isaac shirtless - violent year - mojave - robin hood

Unfortunately for those of you who are fans of male celebrity underwear, this is the only Oscar Isaac underwear photo we can find. It’s from his 2013 movie Inside Llewyn Davis where he played the lead character. Do you think Oscar wears boxer shorts in real life?

oscar isaac underwear - ropa interior - inside llewyn davis

Let’s end this post with this sizzling photo of Oscar in his wet clothes. Mmmmm.

oscar isaac hot in wet clothes

Oscar Isaac Shirtless, Speedo Swimsuit, and Underwear Photos. Posted 19 December 2015. Last updated: September 4, 2021 at 14:25 pm.