Orlando Cruz Weigh-In Underwear Photos and Shirtless Photos

Orlando Cruz Weigh-In Underwear Photos and Shirtless Photos. Orlando Cruz, the Puerto Rican boxing champion who recently revealed to the world that he is a gay pugilist continues to advance LGBT awareness/rights and he’s doing it the most interesting of ways: wearing a weigh-in underwear in rainbow colors.

Pretty cool, no? This prompted us to wonder about the kind of underwear that the 32-year-old boxing hunk wore in his previous bouts. Let’s check them out, shall we?

orlando cruz weigh-in underwear photos - boxing

By the way, before we go on, we should point out that the above photo where our Orlando is wearing a pair of rainbow briefs underwear was taken during the weigh-in for his bout against Mexican boxer, Orlando Salido. They are fighting tonight.

So what kind of underwear did Orlando wear in his previous bouts? Well, in his match against Aalan Martinez, he wore a pair of American Eagle boxer briefs. He went on to beat Aalan by technical knockout (TKO) in the sixth round.

orlando cruz shirtless - Cruz vs Aalan Martinez

In his 2012 match against Jorge Pazos, our Orlando opted a pair of boxer briefs from Armani Exchange. He won over Jorge with a unanimous decision.

orlando cruz underwear vs jorge pazos

Weigh-in photo with Alejandro Delgado who was also beaten by Orlando Cruz.

orlando cruz gay boxer

Orlando with American boxer Michael Franco who was knocked out in the first round.

orlando cruz vs michael franco weigh in

The last fighter to beat Orlando in the boxing ring is Mexico’s Daniel Ponce de Leon back in February 2010. Here’s their weign-in pic before their bout.

orlando cruz v daniel ponce de leon

Currently, Orlando boasts of a 20–2–1 win-loss-draw record which could improve to 21-2-1 or decline to 20-3-1 depending on how his bout tonight will turn out.

Oops, we almost forgot this weigh-in pic. We don’t know who he fought in this contest. Looks like he was an undercard during a Mayweather fight, no?

orlando cruz weigh in underwear photo - boxer briefs

How do you know that you have arrived as a celebrity? For us, Famewatchers, you have arrived if fans start treating you like a rock star by gifting you with underwear. By this measure, there is no doubt that Orlando Cruz as a fan did exactly that.

From Blabeando: “After the fight on Friday Cruz emerged from the Kissimmee Civic Center ready to meet a couple of friends from Florida. As he made his way out a male fan approached him and handed him a gift.

It was a pair of “Papi” brand underwear. His friends through it was hilarious and asked Cruz to pose with them (photo credit: Dagmar Andrades).”

Ain’t that fun? Here’s the Papi underwear referred to:

orlando cruz papi underwear given by fan

Niiiicccceeee. Let’s end this post with a photo of Orlando with boyfriend/fiance Jose Manuel. They look good together, don’t they?

orlando cruz boyfriend fiance parter - jose manuel

The couple got engaged last August. We look forward to covering their wedding.