One Shoulder Dresses: Celebrity Red Carpet Fashion Style

One Shoulder Dresses: Celebrity Red Carpet Fashion Style. Are you a fan of one shoulder dresses? Looks like some of your favorite Hollywood stars love them this style too. Let’s check them out: We will start, of course, with our girl, Queen Latifah. She sure is looking fabulous as always, no?

one shoulder dresses on queen latifah

Sigourney Weaver in her Grecian red dress.

one shoulder dresses lanvin sigourney dress

And here’s comic/actress Tina Fey in her one-shoulder black dress by Michael Kors. We are not loving Tina’s look — for some reason it reminds us of the Flintstones ladies — but we have nothing but love, love, love for Tina as an actress.

one shoulder dresses tina fey

Want more one-shoulder dresses? Well, check out this fabulous Versace One Shoulder Gown on Drew Barrymore.

One Shoulder Gowns for Michelle Obama and Eva Longoria (20 May 2010). Today in celebrity dresses, we bring you First Lady Michelle Obama and Eva Longoria in their one shoulder dress.

one shoulder dresses michelle obama

michelle obama one shoulder dresses

Who made the better impression? Let’s call it a tie, eh?

one shoulder dresses eva longoria fashion

one shoulder dresses eva longoria

Bethenny Frankel in One-Shoulder Isabella Oliver Dress (03 September 2010). Who says pregnant women cannot be fabulous and walk the runway? Not Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel who is rocking her Isabella Oliver ruched one-shoulder dress.

bethenny frankel one shoulder dresses

Nice baby bump, honey.

maternity one shoulder dresses isabella oliver

A closer look at this Isabella Oliver maternity dress.

celebrity one shoulder dresses

Gold Dress for Cate Blanchett + One Shoulder Dress for Countess LuAnn (27 August 2010). Want to look like the beautiful Cate Blanchett? Easy, all you need to do is buy yourself a sparkly gold dress. Seems like our Cate lurves to go golden every time she picks a red carpet dress.

one shoulder dresses celebrity fashion cate blanchett

For her part, it looks like Countess LuAnn’s favorite would be any one-shoulder dress.

one shoulder dresses on celebrities

So which of the above one shoulder dresses is your favorite? We are not fans of Bethenny but we are actually loving her Isabella Oliver dress. It just looks fabulous on her.

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