Omari Hardwick Shirtless: Gay, Married, or Girlfriend?

Omari Hardwick Shirtless Photos Update. More than six years later, we are updating this post to more you more gorgeous shirtlessness from Omari as well as some photos where he’s giving a male fashion models a run for their money. Without a doubt, he’d have become a legit male supermodel if that’s what he pursued as a career instead of acting.

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Speaking of acting, our Omari has brought home a bunch of acting trophies since we blogged about him in 2016. Specifally, for his role in Power, he won three won three back to back to back awards (2018, 2019, and 2020) as an outstanding actor from the NAACP Image Awards. Previously, he’s also earned recognition from the NAMIC Vision Awards (Best Performance for his role in Power, 2016) as well as from the Black Reel Awards (Best Supporting Actor for Being Mary Jane).

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Lastly, here are underwear screencaps of the actor from Power as well as For Colored Girls:

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omari hardwick underwear in for colored girls

Omari Hardwick Shirtless (21 April 2016). Hello, fellow Famewatchers. Please tell us we are not the only ones who, while looking at this photo of Omari Hardwick, felt the urge to bring him home to mama! There’s something so innocent and, yet, so hawt about this image that’s making us fell funny inside. Hehehe.

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Anyhoo, here are some Omari Hardwick shirtless photos for those of you who are looking for such pics of the hunky actor who’s currently starring as James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the Starz hit series, Power.

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Oh my! A non-shirtless Omari photo is just as hawt, hawt, hawt as an Omari Hardwick shirtless photo!

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Is Omari Hardwick Gay or Straight? He is straight. And he’s been married to wife Jennifer Pfautch since 2012. But our hunky hunk hunk does not mind playing gay roles. Check him out playing a husband on the down low in the Tyler Perry movie, For Colored Girls:

Sad, huh? But kind of funny too especially the “so you doin’ the bendin'” part. Tell us you laughed at that too. We gotta say that Janet and Omari did a pretty cool job in this scene.

In an interview with Indiewire, Omari tells us about his role as a closeted husband:

Shadow and Act: In Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls,” you played Carl. He was the closeted husband to Janet Jackson’s character. How did you develop that role?
OH: Well, I can’t relate to being gay. It was a challenging role.

Shadow and Act: How was it a challenge?
OH: It was a challenging role for me because I am a black guy. And white guys like Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal can play those types of roles and their audiences will say that the roles are artistic.

Shadow and Act: So you feel that the role was challenging because the black community does not support roles like Carl?
OH: The black culture perceives roles like that one in a negative light.

Shadow and Act: How did you prepare for that role?
OH: I focused on being a deviant person. I focused on doing something wrong. I was lying to my wife. I was lying to these men. I prepared for the role by closing my eyes and thinking of times when I had lied.

Shadow and Act: You did not focus on the sexual orientation of Carl to get into character?
OH: No, because it’s like how could I do that really well? I focused on being deviant.

Shadow and Act: Did you tap into your own sexuality to build the role?
OH: You want me to explain how I used my heterosexuality to build this role?

Shadow and Act: Yes, I do.
OH: Okay, let me know if this is what you mean. There was this one time while we were filming in New York, where I was testing myself. l challenged myself to run through Central Park and behave like Carl. I wanted to see how I would run and live differently as my character.

Shadow and Act: And what did you find out about your character during this run?
OH: I did not get through the run without checking out women. It’s a natural instinct. So, that’s why I solely focused on being deviant. But you know what? Some of the greatest actors have played gay men. Anthony has played a gay man. Jeffrey has played gay. When it’s all said and done, I am secure enough with my manhood to say to the world, “I am a male actor, and its okay for me to play a gay man.”

Omari Hardwick and Wife. Here’s a pic of Omari and his wife, publicist Jennifer Pfautch, at a red carpet event.


Okay, let’s end this post with another Omari Hardwick shirtless photo for those of you who are fans of celebrity shirtlessness.

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