Noah Centineo Underwear Model, Chase Austin Kiss, Shirtless Photos

Noah Centineo Underwear Model, Chase Austin Kiss, Shirtless Photos. Huh, we thought we already wrote about Noah Centineo when all the girls (and some boys) are going gaga over him following the release of the Netflix hit movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before but, apparently, we did not. Well, it’s better late than never, no?

Besides, if we wrote this post earlier, we would not have these photos of the 23 year old actor posing in Calvin Klein boxer briefs underwear.

noah centineo underwear ck boxer briefs

The To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before actor and a bunch of other stars such as Shawn Mendes headlined the #mycalvins campaign of arguably the most famous underwear brand in the world. Here are some photos of Noah and his Calvins:

noah centineo calvin klein model

Of course, Calvin Klein isn’t only about undies. It’s on top of the jeans business too.

noah centineo calvin klein jeans in bed

Question for those of you in the know: Does CK also sell shoes? Seems like it does, huh?

noah centineo calvin klein jeans

Noah Centineo Gay or Straight? He is straight although he ain’t above kissing a dude on the mouth as you can see in the photo below. For those of you wondering, Noah’s kissing buddy is his friend Austin.

noah centineo chase austin gay kiss

Why are they locking lips like that? Apparently, to prove a point. Here’s what Noah posted on Instagram to explain the kiss:

“Kiss your friend’s faces more, destroy the belief that intimacy must be reserved for monogamous relationships. Be more loving. EMBRACE PLATONIC INTIMACY. Embrace vulnerability use Emotionality as a radical tactic against a society which teaches you that emotions are a sign of weakness. Tell more people that you care about them. Hold their hands, tell others you are proud of them. offer support readily. Take care of the people around you.”

Good for you, Noah! We still find it weird but you are free to do you! Or, you do your friend! Hehe.

Noah Centineo Girlfriend. Our curly-haired cutie is dating model and actress Alexis Ren. Here’s a photo of Noah and Alexis on a date night. Yay for young love!!!

noah centineo girlfriend alexis ren

More Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Here are more pics of the internets beau for the thirsty THOTs and hos among us here at Famewatcher.

noah centineo body ck underwear

Want more men in Calvin Klein underwear?

noah centineo ck boxer briefs

noah centineo shirtless

Last but not the least of them all. We’re not sure we like him with facial hair but it does also appear to work for him.

noah centineo body

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