Nicolas Cage Watch Collection: Mont Blanc Timewalker, Rolex, & Ventura

Nicolas Cage Watch Collection: Mont Blanc Timewalker, Rolex, & Ventura. Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage used to be one of the ambassadors of the Swiss luxury watch, Mont Blanc. Here’s a print advertisement featuring Nicolas and his Mont Blanc Timewalker.

nicolas cage watch timewalker

Let us take a closer look at this particular watch, shall we?

nicolas cage watch timewalker watch

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Swiss Wristwatches: Nicolas Cage’s Rolex Submariner
15 August 2010

nicolas cage watch rolex

Remember our Famewatcher celebrity imaginary quote where we put words in the mouths of your favorite celebs? Well, here’s one for Nicolas Cage where we imagine him talking about his Rolex Submariner watch as well as his 1980s groovy outfit.

We know this imaginary quotes are silly but here’s our imaginary Nicolas talking about his Rolex: “Hello Famewatchers! My name is Nicolas Cage. I have a Rolex Submariner. I am a photographer. Or, at least I am a photog in the picture above. I’m a photographer not a damned paparazzi, okay? Did I tell you I am wearing a Rolex Submariner watch? It’s a Swiss watch, you know. And you should know of course that them Swiss people make the best damned watches out there.”

nicolas cage rolex

More Nicolas imaginary quote: “Oh, what do you think of my groovy 1980s attire? Yeah, I was wearing a Rolex watch even back in the 1980s. They’re so durable and timeless.”


Nicolas Cage’s Ventura V-Tec Sigma W25-R1 Watch (22 October 2011). In his 2008 movie Bangkok Dangerous, Nicolas Cage wore a Ventura V-Tec Sigma W25-R1 Watch. Check it out.

nicolas cage watch ventura v-tec

Ventura is a small watch company which used to proclaim itself as “the world’s only manufacturer of automatic digital watches”. It’s watches were usually well reviewed but the company went bankrupt in 2007. However, like the proverbial Phoenix, the company rose again from the ashes. Nicolas’ Ventura watch is reportedly designed by famed designer Paolo Fancelli.

Nicolas Cage Watch Collection: Mont Blanc Timewalker & Rolex Watches. Posted 5 September 2010. Updated 29 May 2017.