Nico Rosberg Shirtless, Oris Watch, and Leather Jacket

Nico Rosberg Shirtless Photos. For reasons that we totally, totally understand, a lot of you are googling for “Nico Rosberg shirtless pics/photos”. Good thing our hot driver doesn’t mind chucking off his shirt so we’ve several photos of him bare-chested. Oh, and he likes to go wet too. We’re guessing he’s more of a beach guy than a mountain guy.

Who wants to play ball with a shirtless and wet Nico Rosberg? All of us do, don’t we fellow Famewatchers?

nico rosberg shirtless

Nico goes shirtless at the beach. We heard he’s into surfing and that kind of water sports.

nico rosberg shirtless beach

Need help, Mr. Rosberg? We would so want to do the honors of getting you un-shirted!

How wet is Nico’s short beach shorts?

nico rosberg shirtless wet shorts

Nico is really a sporty kind of guy, isn’t he? Here’s your Formula One idol doing a bike workout while wearing a sexy tight unitard.

nico rosberg shirtless unitard

Now he’s going surfing.

nico rosberg shirtless surfing

And here’s the last, but not the least, in our collection of Nico Rosberg shirtless photos. Aww! Need help unbuttoning your jeans, Nico dear?

hot nico rosberg shirtless

Meanwhile, here’s Nico looking gorgeous and fab in blue jeans and black leather jacket. If you know the brand of leather jacket he’s wearing, do name it in the comments because it looks pretty cool and would love to add one like that to our closet.

Nico Rosberg Oris Watch. Want more Swiss luxury wristwatches? Well, here’s Formula One driver Nico Rosberg and his Oris Watch. Nico races under the German flag in Formula One but he competed for Finland during the early part of his career. Apparently, our Nico is a dual citizen for these two countries.

nico rosberg oris

Anyhoo, check out Nico’s limited edition Oris watch. For other celebrities wearing Oris watches, check out Venezuelan diver Carlos Coste.

nico rosberg oris watch

nico rosberg oris

Nico Rosberg Shirtless Photos and Oris Watch. Posted 23 August 2010. Updated 29 May 2017.