Nico Archambault Shirtless: Is He Gay or Straight?

Nico Archambault Shirtless Photos: Gay or Girlfriend. We are updating this post to give you more Nico Archambault shirtless photos.

Nico Archambault shirtless dancer

Here’s another one.

Nico Archambault shirtless body

Damn, ain’t he hot!!! The next image below is our favorite Nico Archambault shirtless photo.

nico archambault shirtless and hot

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Is he gay or straight?

Nico Archambault gay or straight - pinup saints

He is straight! And he is married to Wynn Holmes. The tied the knot in 2010. Here’s a photo of the couple.

nico archambault girlfriend or wife - wynn holmes


Nico Archambault Underwear Dance (2 January 2009). Look who’s dancing in his underwear? It’s SYTYCD-Canada winner, Nico Archambault. According to the Globe and Mail, Nico has been cast to play the role of Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

nico archambault underwear

Says filmmaker Moze Mossanen who cast Nico as Nureyev:

Nureyev was a mythological figure, a rock star of ballet. I had heard about this guy from Quebec who had won big, so I hunted him up on YouTube. I thought he looked great on camera, but what sold me was his partnering – he’s strong and he could lift.

The film is a tribute to the mythology of Nureyev. I was not so much interested in capturing his dancing as exploring the psychology of his personality and the dramatic forces that were around him. Who better than Nico to capture the charm, sensuality and star power that made Rudi so captivating?

For his part, Nico says that he was initially scared to play the role. But we think he rose to the challenge. Here’s Nico:

I was scared at first to play Nureyev. I’m not a ballet dancer and yet I’d be impersonating one of the greatest ones who ever lived.

UPDATE: Our friend Kevin wrote us to say that Nico Archambault is not wearing underwear in the photo above. Instead what he’s wearing is a dance belt. Apparently, the skimpy underwear-like outfit worn by male ballet dancers are not undies but dance belts.

Thanks Kevin! Ahh, the things that we learn everyday.


Nico Archambault Wins SYTYCD Canada
9 December 2008

nico archambault hot dancer

Congratulations to Nico Archambault for winning So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I wasn’t able to focus on this show at all because of some projects I had to do but my friend Deena says that its been a very interesting and enjoyable show.

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