Nicklas Bendtner Underwear: Emporio Armani Boxer Briefs

More Nicklas Bendtner Shirtless Photos (update: 15 March 2017). We are updating this post to give you more shirtless and underwear photos of our Danish football hunk. Check him out on the cover of Elle Magazine with then-girlfriend Caroline aka The Baroness.

Nicklas Bendtner shirtless - elle magazine cover

Now, here’s a portrait of our football player as a shirtless hottie.

Nicklas Bendtner shirtless hot body

Our Nicklas on vacation enjoying the sun, sand, and coconut water.

Nicklas Bendtner hot

Now, this one’s for those of you looking for Nicklas Bendtner underwear selfies. He sure does not disappoint, no?

Nicklas Bendtner Underwear Selfie

Another selfie photo from our Nicklas.

Nicklas Bendtner shirtless instagram selfie

Nicklas Bendtner Gay or Straight? He is straight of course. But according to a Twitter parody account (@kingbendtner), our Danish hunk can turn himself gay: “Im not gay, but, when I look in the mirror, I have to question my sexuality. I could turn anyone, even me. #KingBendtner”.

Nicklas Bendtner gay or straight

Question for those in the know: Is the above image real or is it a fake image photoshopped by an enthusiastic “Nicklas is gay” superfan?

Nicklas Bendtner Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Straight posted 6 May 2009. Updated 15 March 2017.