Nick Sagar Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Nick Sagar Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. While watching the Princess Switch on Netflix we were like, “That hot baker guy looks familiar but we do not remember where we’ve seen him before.”

Well, it turns out that we blogged about him in the past when he was dating British X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke (see our post on Alexandra Burke Boyfriend). Since then, the hunky actor — his name is Nick Sagar — has managed to establish a foothold in Hollywood and, to date, he has 15 acting credits to his name on IMDB.

Without a doubt, his most popular project would be the Princess Switch movie where he is one of the lead actors opposite Vanessa Hudgens. The movie was a big global hit for Netflix which is why the streaming service decided to do sequels for the movie; the second installment Princess Switch: Switched Again was released this year and a third one is planned for the coming years.

nick sagar hot in princess switch

Aside from The Princess Switch, Nick’s other acting projects include Shadowhunters, Queen of the South, and the Tyler Perry drama The Haves and the Have Nots where he plays the role of the President-elect of the United States. If that does not intrigue you to check out the show, we don’t know what will.

Nick as Victor in Shadowhunters opposite Alberto Rosende.

nick sagar gay in shadowland - as victor with alberto rosende as simon

Nick Sagar Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Wanna check out what our 32-year-old British actor looks like when he chucks off his shirt? Well, knowing that you’re just as THOTy like yours truly, we bring you this shirtless pics:

nick sagar abs body

Not shirtless but he’s hawt, hawt, hawt.

nick sagar body

You can see more of him on Instagram (@nickdsagar):

nick sagar hot muscles

Very nice!

nick sagar men with big balls

Truth be told, we like him better with shorter hair. It really suits him nicely.

nick sagar shirtless body

But whatever haircut he decides to have, there is no doubt that he’s sizzling hawt!

nick sagar shirtless in sweatpants

He’s got the moves too!

nick sagar shirtless

Our favorite photo of the guy.

nick sagar underwear peekabo

Nick Sagar Ethnicity? According to, he “comes from a mixed family of part-Indian origin from Guyana and from Jamaica”. He is British and is currently based in Los-Angeles as he continues to pursue his acting career.

Nick Sagar Gay or Straight? Relationship Status? Huh, did you miss the part where we mentioned that he dated Alexandra Burke? The guy is straight. However, we do not have the answer on whether he is seeing anyone at the moment but we will update this post once we do have the information.

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