Nick Kyrgios Shirtless, Girlfriend, and Family Background

Nick Kyrgios Shirtless Photos. We are updating this post which we posted nearly three years ago to bring you more Nick Kyrgios shirtless photos. These first two photos are from his Instagram account (follow him a k1ngkyrg1os).

nick kyrgios shirtless tennis hunk3

What are you listenin’ to, Nicky?

nick kyrgios shirtless body

Meantime these next Nick Kyrgios shirtless photos are from his Bond Underwear photoshoot. [Want more shirtless tennis players?]

nick kyrgios shirtless body - bonds underwear model

And there here are some Nick Kyrgios shirtless vacation photos taken when he visited his girlfriend – tennis player Ajla Tomljanovic — in her homeland of Croatia.

nick kyrgios shirtless with girlfriend3

Nick and Ajla are partners off and on the court. They competed as mixed doubles in some tennis tournaments.

nick kyrgios girlfriend - Ajla Tomljanovic2

The next photo below is our friend Deena’s favorite Nick Kyrgios shirtless photo?

nick kyrgios shirtless with girlfriend2

Nick Kyrgios, Our Tennis Crush 2014 (published 30 June 2014). Oh boy, have we been following the wrong young Australian tennis player? We were all about Bernard Tomic as the next-big-thing in Australian tennis but Bernie (yeah, let’s call him that) is kind of an underperforming headcase so its frustrating to be his fan. Enter the hunky Nick Kyrgios and we are like, “Whoa? Where has this tall tennis jock been hiding?” He’s now scheduled to meet Rafael Nadal in this year’s round of 16 in Wimbledon and, by God, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the Aussie hottie will kick the Spanish buttpickers’ itchy butt.

Since we know that some of you are also not that familiar with Nicki, here’s a list of things you might want to know about him:

What’s His Ethnicity?. He’s born in Australia to a Greek father (Giorgos) and a Malaysian mom (Norlaila). Here’s a photo of the Kyrgios family which also includes older bro Christos (a lawyer) and sister Halimah (an actress):

Nick Kyrgios family 2014

We’d Like to Think That He is Friends With Federer. As an old Roger Federer superfan and a new “discoverer” of Nick Kyrgios who would like to be his fan, we’d be really thrilled if these two turn out to be some kind of buddy-buddies. Photo from Nick’s Facebook page with the following quote: “Walk in the shadows of Kings, until that day shall come that you are no longer in darkness, for it is you that now casts the shadow.”

Will Nick eventually be King following the footstep of King Roger? We sure hope so. King Nick Kyrgios definitely has a nice ring to it.

Nick Kyrgios with roger federer

What’s His Height? As you can see in the above photos, Nick is taller than his parents and siblings. He’s also taller than The Fed. So how tall is he? According to wikipedia, he stands at 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in). That’s pretty tall, no? The same height of some NBA basketball players.

He Likes to Quote Words of Wisdom. If you follow Nick on Twitter ( @NickKyrgios) or on Facebook (, you will be familiar with the inspirational quotes he posts for his followers. Here’s one by John Lennon.

john lennon famous quotes

Shirtless Nick Kyrgios. We scoured the internets for photos of a shirtless Nick but this is the only one we found. We will update this post if we find some. Check back later. By the way, the other guy is another up-and-coming Greek-Aussie tennis player. The two paired in last year’s Wimbledon and won the boys’ doubles champship.

Nick Kyrgios shirtless - with partner Thanasi Kokkinakis

He Used to Be a Chubby Ballboy. Here’s a photo of Nick as a young boy.

Nick Kyrgios chubby boy when young

The photo is courtesy of his mother, Norlaila, who had this to say about Nick as a young boy and how he fell in love with the game of tennis (via Daily Mail):

He started playing tennis because my eldest son, Christos who is eight years older than him, was a tennis player – but not to Nick’s level.

He was Christos’ ball boy – he would just follow him around and pick up his balls, and of course Christos had no mercy for his brother. Nick was a quite a chubby fellow at that age, and he was quite proud of himself, walking around collecting the balls.

But I felt sorry for him always following us around, so I asked him one day if he wanted to try. I gave him a try and, my god, he just whacked it! He really whacked it! And right over the net! The hand eye coordination was just… wow! So I kept feeding him balls.

Just… wow! This tubby little thing and that arm strength – my goodness! It just started from there, but he didn’t get a proper tennis lesson until he was about seven.

Does Nick Kyrgios Have a Girlfriend? What is his relationship status? Is he dating anyone? Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer to this one. Since he’s only 19 years young, we hope he’ll just focus on his career and forget dating for the time being. What say you, TennisWatchers? You agree with us that our Nick should concentrate on his tennis?

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