Nick Bateman Shirtless, Abercrombie, Wedding

Nick Bateman Shirtless, Abercrombie, Wedding. We are resurrecting this post which we wrote back in 2015 to note that our Canadian Cutie aka Nate Bateman is, apparently, very much married. He tied the knot with Maria Corrigan in 2019 and the lovely couple are raising two boys together. Apparently, the two have been dating since 2008 and they sure did a good job keeping it a secret because we did not even know when we wrote our original post below. Anyhoo, here are pics of Nick and Maria when they got hitched nearly three years ago:

nick bateman wife maria corrigan

nick bateman wedding

Now, did you know that he actually modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch? The brand is not exactly sparkling these days because of its former CEO Mike Jeffries trashy and racist ways but, back in the day, Abercrombie was a brand that tons of models aspired to model for. It’s not surprising that Nick, with his good looks and all, passed the test. Of course, he modeled for other brands too like Guess and Calvin Klein who continue to have a pretty good reputation.

nick bateman abercrombie model

nick bateman top male models

nick bateman hot male model

nick bateman underwear by calvin klein

Nick Bateman Gay or Girlfriend (05 May 2015). Is Nick Bateman gay or does he have a girlfriend? Well, we think he’s straight but he keeps making out with guys so he must not be very straight. Hehe. Did you watch that video of him going kissy kissy with Dustin Hoffman? He must be at least bi, no?

nick bateman kissing dustin hoffman

What do you mean you are not talking about Jason Bateman? Oh you are referring to Nick Bateman, the Canadian male model who must have caught all the genes for good looks when whoever created us humans poured his blessings from heaven. Seriously, he looks like a Greek god, doesn’t he?

nick bateman underwear model

Anyhoo, how in hell should we know whether Nick is a member of the rainbow community? Silly Kevin though thinks he knows the answer and he is saying that Nick is indeed a member of the LGBT team “because no straight guy would keep posing in his underwear like Nick does”. If that ain’t a ridiculous reasoning from our silly Kevin, we don’t know what is. Of course, lots of straight guys keep posing in their underoos! They’re called male models for effs sake.

nick bateman gay or girlfriend

Probably the better question should be whether our Canadian Cutie is single and still available or whether he’s got a girlfriend, or a wife, or what have you? At this time, we do not have the answer on his relationship status but we sure will update this post once we get the information. For the time being, we’ll leave you with this photo of Nick taking a shower. Haha. Who says guys can’t be sizzling hot while they are having a cold shower?

nick bateman gay or straight

By the by, aside from being the hottest male model in ModelTown, Nick is also an actor with 12 acting credits to his name. He was one of the leads in a Canadian sitcom, Originals, which sadly didn’t last for more than one season. Nick is also one of the lead stars in an upcoming movie, Total Frat Movie, which is scheduled for release this year. You should watch out for said movie, which also stars Justin Deeley, if you are a superfan of Nick the Hot Man. Hehe.

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