Nick Bateman Gay or Girlfriend?

Nick Bateman Gay or Girlfriend? Is Nick Bateman gay or does he have a girlfriend? Wait, whaaat……? Who is this Bateman guy you are talking about? Are you referring to Jason Bateman? He is straight but he keeps making out with guys so maybe he is at least bi. Didn’t he make out with Dustin Hoffman?

jason bateman gay kiss nick bateman

Told you, this Bateman guy must be at least bi. Wait, whaaa…..? What do you mean you are not talking about Jason Bateman? Oh you are referring to this guy? This Nick Bateman?

nick bateman underwear model

Well, how in hell should we know whether he is gay or straight? Our gay friend Kevin thinks Nick is on his team “because no straight guy would keep posing in his underwear like Nick does”. On the other hand, our straight girl friend Deena insists that Nick is a hetero “just because”. Yes, she didn’t give a reason why he thinks Nick is into girls like her rather than boys like Kevin.

nick bateman gay or girlfriend

Of course, as we usually do when we have no definitive information on a celebrity’s sexual orientation, we consult our friends at to see what they are saying. Here’s their reading for Nick Bateman:

Nick Bateman gaydar: According to 649 visitors Nick Bateman is 63% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Nick Bateman is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

So there! Nick is quite a straight dude according to the wisdom of the internet peoples. What did the wise man say about the voice of the people being the voice of God?

Now, since we established that Nick Bateman is straight (despite his propensity for posing in his undies which, we must say is excusable because he is a male model after all), does he have a girlfriend, wife, or significant other?

Is he dating a model like himself? Or a Hollywood celebrity like himself? We have no clue at the moment but we’ll update you once we get the information. That’s it for now, fellow Famewatcher!

Let’s end this post with Nick taking a shower. Who says guys can’t be sizzling while they are showering.

nick bateman gay or straight

By the by, aside from being the hottest male model in ModelTown, Nick is also an actor with 12 acting credits to his name to date. He was one of the leads in a Canadian sitcom, Originals, which sadly didn’t last for more than one season. Nick is also one of the lead stars in an upcoming movie, Total Frat Movie, which is scheduled for release this year. You should watch out for said movie, which also stars Justin Deeley, if you are a superfan of Nick the Hot Man. Hehe.