Nicholas James Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Hot Cop

Nicholas James Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, HAHN Hot Cop. We did not realize we’ll spend the day blogging about the hot guys of The Haves and The Have Knots (aka HAHN) but we can’t help ourselves.

Our next installment is Nicholas James (aka Nicholas J. Muscarella) who plays police officer Justin Lewis.

The way Nicholas’ role on wikipedia is described is just too delicious to not quote directly so, Famewatchers, here’s Justin:

A suspicious officer, who comes to Candace’s house, minutes after Quincy had been stabbed, to check out a noise complaint from his mother, Candace’s neighbor. At one point, he tries to rape Jeffrey. At another point, he threatens to kill Jeffrey after harassing him. He later becomes nicer and enters a s*xual relationship with Jeffery but clearly is obsessively jealous and very possessive.

What a character arc, no? This is why people love dramas! And we gotta give props to Tyler Perry for giving them what they want.

Anyhoo, here are screencaps of Justin and Jeffrey (played by Gavin Houston) and their bedroom adventures and “entanglements”. Why are you arresting him officer?

nicholas james gay lover gavin houston - haves and have nots

Oh? That’s why!

nicholas james gay policeman

Justin’s cropped haircut really works for him as a cop, no? It totally increases his hotness by a factor of ten.

nicholas james body hot

Now, we ain’t gonna include screencaps of Justin and Gavin getting “entangled” because they’re too much for our Grandma Akita but here are some post “entanglement” photos.

nicholas james gay cop justin lewis - haves and have nots

We think they are post anyway.

nicholas james body in bed

Is Nicholas James Gay in Real Life? Nope. He is straight and in a relationship with HAHN co-star Tika Sumpter. The couple are proud parents to a young girl named Ella-Loren.

nicholas james girlfriend tika sumpter

They look so good together, don’t they?

nicholas james tika sumpter

Nicholas James Shirtless, Underwear, Modeling Photos. A headshot of a younger Nicholas which we grabbed from his Instagram account (follow him @nickjames138).

nicholas james headshot younger

Damn! He’s hawt, hawt, hawt!

nicholas james hot body

The photo below where our hunky actor is wearing a form-fitting athletic shirt is probably our favorite photo of the guy. Want more celebrity muscle shirts?

nicholas james hot tank top shirts

Chillin’ by the river with a pal while drinking Colt beer.

nicholas james shirtless body with Brett Davis

Scuba diving with pal and co-star Gavin Houston.

nicholas james scuba diving with co-star gavin houston

Underwear photos of our hunky actor which we screencapped from his demo reel. Unfortunately, we do not know from which of his 17 movies or TV shows the video clip is from.

nicholas james underwear boxer briefs

nicholas james underwear boxer briefs2

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