NFL Underwear Hunks: Shirtless Quarterbacks Edition

NFL Underwear Hunks: Shirtless Quarterbacks Edition. We are updating this post to bring you the latest NFL quarterbacks underwear model: Baker Mayfield. The bearded quarterback currently plays for the Cleveland Browns and, in 2018, modeled his own underwear line for PSD Underwear.

nfl underwear hunks - football quarterback - baker mayfield psd

Unfortunately, if you are planning to buy some Baker Mayfield underwear, you’d be out of luck because we can’t find any on the PSD website. Either it’s sold out (which means you can buy some in the future) or the Cleveland Browns QB did not renew the deal with PSD (which means you are totally out of luck).

football quarterbacks underwear - baker mayfield

Shirtless Quarterbacks (13 May 2017). Did you see our post on shirtless quarterbacks? Well go check it out if you didn’t. As we promised, we’re now bringing you Part II but, this time, instead of just focusing on QBs with no shirts let’s also focus on those in their underwear. Leading the pack is Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, who recently modeled for Under Armour Boxerjock.

nfl quarterbacks underwear cam newton - carolina panthers

Unlike their international football (i.e., soccer) counterparts, American footballers are not as “enthusiastic” when it comes to becoming underwear models so its a challenge to find any of them wearing underwear. Which is probably why someone drew this briefs underwear pic of Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots. We’re guessing whoever made this image is inspired by Tom of Finland? [Sorry, we had to delete the image because it scandalized our Grandma Akita.]

quarterback underwear - tom brady

Want a video version of Tom Brady in his tighty whitie briefs? Check out his appearance on Saturday Night Live from a few years back. Update: Video deleted but here’s a screen grab.

tom brady underwear tighty whitie briefs

Twenty-four-year old Ryan Tannehill, quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, wears Under Armour underwear in this beach photo with model wife Lauren.

ryan tannehill underwear with wife lauren

Sam Bradford, quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, spotted in his boxer shorts.

sam bradford shirtless - underwear - boxer shorts - qb st louis rams

That’s all the underwear pics we have for now, so let’s go back to ogling at topless QBs starting with Drew Brees, QB for the New Orleans Saints, taking a shower.

drew-brees-shirtless-quarterback for the New Orleans Saints

Mark Sanchez, QB for the New York Jets, is every inch a hunk. Does he have a girlfriend at the moment? His girlfriend list, according to, includes Lindsay McCormick, Jennifer Mueller,
Hilary Rhoda, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Eliza Kruger, Kate Upton, and Eva Longoria. Currently though, it does not seem like this hottie patottie is dating anyone.

mark sanchez - nyjets qb

Mark Sanchez in short shorts in this photoshoot for GQ Magazine.

mark sanchez underwear - boxer shorts on gq magazine

Michael Vick, QB for the Philadelphia Eagles, goes shirtless for Uptown Magazine.

michael vick shirtless - quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles

Matt Ryan, QB for the Atlanta Falcons, is shirtless in this print advertisement for Gillette.

matt ryan shirtless quarterback 2 close-up - Atlanta Falcons

Can’t find a shirtless photo of Tony Romo? Well, a superfan of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback made this fake photo of Jessica Simpson’s ex.

tony romo shirtless - fake - photoshopped

You want the real deal? Sorry, we can’t find one. But we did find this pic of our muscled football jock holding hands with a shirtless Chace Crawford.

tony romo shirtless

Next in our list of topless quarterbacks is Matt Stafford, quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Here’s our Matt enjoying the beach with his girl.

matt stafford shirtless - quarterback for the Detroit Lions

Our imaginary football boyfriend, free agent Matt Leinart. He used to play for the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, and Oakland Raiders.

Matt Leinart shirtless quarterback - played for the Arizona Cardinals Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders - now free agent

Matt with four girls in a tub where they are rub-a-dub-dubbing.

matt leinart in the tub

Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, doing a modelesque pose that should make America’s Next Top Model diva Tyra Banks proud.

PeytonManningshirtless - quarterback for the Denver Broncos

Peyton’s kid brother, Eli Manning of the New York Giants, go swimming at the beach.

shirtless quarterbacks eli manning ny giants

Jay Cutler, QB for the Chicago Bears.

jay cutler shirtless - quarterback for the Chicago Bears

How cute is Josh Freeman and his pet? Is that a young tiger he’s holding or is that a cat? Josh is a quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

josh freeman shirtless - quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

So who of these guys is your favorite? Who has the best NFL quarterbacks underwear? Who would you bring home to mama? Hehe.

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