Newsboy Hats for Men: Celebrities Wearing Newsboy Hats

Newsboy Hats for Men: Celebrities Wearing Newsboy Hats. The newsboy hat is probably the cutest men’s hat ever invented. So it is not a surprise that the newsboy hat, like your basic blue jeans, never seems to go out of style. In fact, if you are up for a bet, we are going to bet ten dollars that people will still be wearing newsboy caps when global warming becomes a reality. Anyhoo, we made a list of famous male celebrities who were spotted wearing newsboy hats. Check them out:

First, we have Balthazar Getty who, aside from being into newsboy hats, is also into plaid shirts. Does he have the best facial hair in Hollywood. We love, love, love his beard!

Newsboy Hats for Men Balthazar Getty

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Then here’s our imaginary Twilight daddy boyfriend Peter Facinelli. Who you callin’, Peter?

Newsboy Hats for Men Peter Facinelli

Brad Pitt in his patented newsboy hat look. Damn, that’s a fine looking man. Brad is looking good too. Hehe.

Brad Pitt Newsboy Hats for Men

The ready-to-kiss Justin Timberlake. Well, if you’re ready to kiss Timby, we’re more than ready to be kissed.

Celebrities wearing newsboy hat justin timberlake

Australian singer Guy Sebastian is looking good in his newsboy hat.

Newsboy Hats for Men Guy Sebastian

Last but not the least in our list of famous male celebrities wearing newsboy hats for men is international football star David Beckham.
David Beckham Newsboy Hat

So do you have a favorite among the above celebrity newsboy hats for men?


Michael Brent: Male Model in Newsboy Hat (16 December 2009). You’re looking for men’s newsboy caps, eh? Here’s Minneapolis-based model Michael Brent in his newsboy cap. Also, check out footballer David Beckham’s newsboy hat.

male model newsboy hat - michael brent

Celebrity Newsboy Hat: Ashton Kutcher (30 December 2009). Brad Pitt and David Beckham aren’t the only celebrities who love them their newsboy hats. Let’s add Ashton Kutcher to the group of men going for the newsboy look.

celebrities wearing newsboy hats - ashton kutcher

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