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Styling Hollywood Recap Review: Episodes 1 and 2

Styling Hollywood Recap Review: Episodes 1 and 2. We chanced upon the show Styling Hollywood on Netflix and, although we did not really plan to watch it,  we decided to click on it and immediately fell in love. In fact, we loved it so much that we decided to do these recaps.

Why did we fell in love with the show? It’s a bit hard to explain why but one of the things we love about it is its wholesomeness and peacefulness which reminds us of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up. You know, its just normal people doing normal things.  We also love the behind-the-scenes look on Hollywood glamour which reminds us of Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D-List.

Lastly, we just love, love, love the show’s cast who are making it in a very competitive business without being catty or crazy or delusional. They’re just good people and how can you not love good people in a town like Hollywood?

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Criminal on Netflix Review: Good or Bad? Worth Watching?

Criminal on Netflix: Good or Bad? Worth Watching? If you are the kind of guy who loves to watch procedural TV shows, then this Netflix international series may be for you. Now, if you are the kind of procedural TV guy who loves the interview portion the most where suspected law breakers and rule-bending law enforcers go toe-to-toe trying to outwit each other, then brew yourself a cuppa and binge this show. It is really, really good.

When deciding whether a show is worth watching and whether we would recommend it to our friends, we try to answer the following questions: Did we enjoy watching it? Is the acting good? Does it make sense in its created universe? Did we get bored while watching? Is it predictable? Does it go all over the place? Does it work for its intended audience? [For more Netflix reviews, check out our post on The Naked Director from Japan.]

We also like to look at whether the show may not be safe for some groups, whether there are scenes that may be uncomfortable to watch, and lastly we’d like to pick the MVP of the show.

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The Naked Director – Good or Bad? Worth Watching – Netflix Japan

The Naked Director – Is It Good or Bad? Worth Watching? We just binged the Japanese TV series on Netflix on how a guy named Toru Muranishi (played by Takayuki Yamada) revolutionized the adult video (AV) industry in Japan and boy did we have fun watching it. So for those of you who are wondering whether it is good and worth watching, the answer is yes it is very good and yes you should brew a cup of coffee and sit down and enjoy the show.

In fact, we would call it a must watch for someone who a) loves shows about people who create opportunities out of their failures, or b) loves quirky shows set in the 80s, or c) likes to have a behind-the-scenes look on how adult films are made.

Of course, if you are a Japanophile like our friend Deena, then you need no convincing. But you sure could cite this TV show as an example on why your ears perk up every time you hear someone talk about the Land of the Rising Sun.

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