Best Netflix Shows for Teens and High Schoolers: Rated and Ranked

Best Netflix Shows for Teens and High Schoolers. Are you looking for a show to watch on Netflix targeted for teens and young adults and is about teen and high school life? Well, we’ve done nothing but binge this past summer so we decided to rate the shows we watched. Of course, this list is very subjective and, because we haven’t watched all Netflix shows (no one could possibly do that), it is limited to the shows that we did actually laid our eyes on till the very end.

We are limiting the list to Netflix Originals that are commissioned and produced by Netflix, those that are co-produced by the streamer with another entity, and those which Netflix has the exclusive worldwide rights to. In other words, we are not including shows like Riverdale which were originally aired somewhere else and which Netflix is merely distributing.

Anyhoo, here’s our list of the best Netflix shows for and about teenagers rated according to our subjective metrics (i.e., did we enjoy it, does it not defy common sense, etc). We will be updating this post as we watch more of this kind of shows in the future.

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Jamison Bachman Fraternity Friend Ken Gutzeit: Worst Roommate Ever

Jamison Bachman Fraternity Friend Ken Gutzeit: Worst Roommate Ever. Anyone of you watched Worst Roommate Ever? If you haven’t and are into crime documentaries, you should check it out. It is compelling television, we must say, especially the first episode about a grandmotherly woman (who really ain’t that old) and the last two episodes about Jamison Bachman who went to law school, did not pursue a law career, but is using his knowledge of tenancy law to become literally the Worst Roommate Ever.

jamison bachman young worst roommate ever

How did he become one? His friend from childhood, who was interviewed for the documentary, told us on camera that Bachman’s personality changed when he went to Tulane University and witnessed the killing of a fraternity friend. The show did not go any further so we kind of assumed that it was a fraternity hazing gone wrong. You know, maybe it was an initiation for new members and some accident happened with an over-enthusiastic senior brother.

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Best Throuple Shows and Movies on Netflix

Best Throuple Shows and Movies on Netflix. Okay, this is an attempt to list the shows and movies on Netflix that features some throuple relationships. The list is not exhaustive because — as in the cast of our list on the best Netflix shows for teens — we are only including the ones which we actually personally watched. However, we will be updating this post once we get to see more of this kind of shows.

But before anything else, for the Famewatchers among us who are not in the know, here’s how our friends at Urban Dictionary define what a throuple is: “A threelationship; a relationship with three partners.”

So far, of the shows we watched on the streaming service, only The Politician explicitly mentions a throuple relationship. However, as you may already know if you read our recap of the show, throuplehood (or is it throupledom) is not the focus of the Ryan Murphy series but the three main characters do to a throuple relationship:

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Frank Newbold Robbed G.oddess of Interior Design Masters

Frank Newbold Robbed Goddess of Interior Design Masters. We binged the BBC show Interior Design Masters on Netflix and, boy, are we disappointed with the result. It isn’t as big a travesty as the outcome of Blown Away aka Netflix’s glassblowing competition but, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the show brought us this:

interior design masters bbc netflix

Seriously, is that the best you have Great Britain? Are you not embarrassed by the tackiness of the drapes hanging from the ceiling which reflects a very questionable taste level on the part of the designer?

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Why Is New Miles aka the Clone Bad at Lovemaking: Living With Yourself

Why Is Miles 2 (aka the Clone) Bad at Lovemaking in Living With Yourself? Are you wondering why the clone Miles aka New Miles aka Miles 2 is bad at lovemaking? Considering that he is the better version in other aspects of life, shouldn’t he be new and improved too in the carnal knowledge department? Or is the show trying to tell us that Gretchen Bundchen has some complaints about Tom Brady VI’s bedroom calisthenics skills?

Well, you are not alone in wondering about the matter because we also wondered about it and some of our friends at Reddit raised the issue too. In fact, some of them are going to the extent of calling it a plot hole:

The show was great. However, there is somewhat of a plot hole. The new Miles shouldn’t have forgotten how to have s*x with his wife. Hell, for all intensive purposes (sic), shouldn’t he be better at it? He still retains his memories as if he was the original Miles, so the knowledge on s*x should still be there. This begs the question: if the spa treatment worked as planned, and he truly thought he was still the same Miles, wouldn’t he be totally better at s*x? [TallSwaggOVO]

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Rhythm + Flow Atlanta Recap: Londynn B, Baddnews, 2’Live Bre

The Atlanta auditions for Rhythm + Flow opens with T.I. (aka Tip aka our imaginary rapper boyfriend) riding a helicopter to the city. He tells us he is looking for authenticity above all which means that anybody pretending to be something they’re not will be automatically disqualified. Tip adds that he won’t be giving any free rides which confirms our observation in our L.A. recap that he is the toughest judge. He’s not going to let you pass just because you’ve got a sob story.

ti tip rhythm flow atlanta auditions

Tip is joined by rap legends Quavo and Big Boi in the task of picking authentic Atlanta rappers that would go up against Cardi B’s NYC team, Chance the Rapper’s Chicago team, and the rappers waiting in L.A. which were chosen by the three judges with the help of rap icon Snoop Dogg.

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