Calvin Kiing Crooks Shirtless Soccer Hunk: The Circle

Calvin Kiing Crooks hot firefighter

Calvin Kiing Crooks Shirtless Soccer Hunk: The Circle. Aside from Matt Pappadia, another cast member we look forward to watching in the upcoming season of The Circle is Calvin Kiing Crooks. He is a former professional football (soccer for you ‘Muricans) who is now a private chef. If we remember correctly, he also mentioned in his intro video that he is a part-time volunteer firefighter.

Matt Pappadia Model, Actor, The Circle Hunk

Matt Pappadia gay boyfriend

Matt Pappadia Model, Actor, The Circle Hunk. Season 3 of the hit Netflix reality show The Circle is just around the corner and, boy, we have a buffed gay man who loves posing in his underwear to root for. Yay! Thirsty Famewatchers, say hi to Matt Pappadia (he also goes by Matthew). He is from Long Island, is a part of the LGBT community, and he’s arguably the most famous contestant to have been cast in The Circle US. We say this because he’s been modeling and acting for some time now and has actually starred in four movies/TV shows with him as one of the leads.

Kristen Griffith VanderYacht Gay, Husband, Family: The Big Flower Fight

Kristen Griffith VanderYacht shirtless

Kristen Griffith VanderYacht Gay, Boyfriend, Family: The Big Flower Fight. Anyone of you looking forward to watching upcoming reality competition show, The Big Flower Fight, on Netflix? Yeah we are! The streaming service has been rocking it when it comes to its reality shows and we are keeping our fingers crossed that The Big Flower Fight will be monster hits like The Circle and Love is Blind which, we are pretty sure, will be getting second seasons.