Neil Hopkins Shirtless, Girlfriend, Lost Eyeglasses

Neil Hopkins Shirtless, Girlfriend, Lost Eyeglasses. If there’s ever a “best eyeglass in Hollywood award”, we think it should go to Neil Hopkins who really looked hot wearing his glasses when he appeared in an episode in The Moth episode of Lost.

neil hopkins liam pace eyeglasses in lost

Now, if you’re like us who’ve been wondering where you can buy Neil’s eyeglasses, we are sad to tell you that you won’t be able to do so. The actor tells us why in this 2010 interview with

But I’ll tell you something. These glasses that I wore in “The Moth” and the scene were he comes back and I’m in Australia, those were my glasses. I bought them at the Burbank airport and I got them when I was flying out. And they were just sunglasses and the prop guy popped out the lenses and put in fake lenses, like clear lenses so I could wear them. They kept them! I want them back. Those were my glasses. They were probably like $7, but like I really love them. And to this day whenever I see like a picture of that I’m like, “God, I want those glasses!”

He adds: “When I was on the Episode 8, ‘Re-Con’ I said to the props guys, ‘You know, I had a pair of glasses in the first season. Can you find those?’ So they looked for them, and they couldn’t find them. I was like ‘Damn it. They’re gone.’ If I could get one item, it would be my glasses. I want my glasses back.

Awww. They lost his iconic glasses. But it looks like he’s found something similar since he’s seen in some photos wearing glasses that kinda look like his Lost one:

neil hopkins liam pace eyeglass in lost

neil hopkins hot eyeglass

Neil Hopkins is a Hottie. Aside from Lost, Neil has starred in 59 other movies and TV shows the latest of which is the series Stargirl which is currently airing its second season on The CW. He plays the role of Lawrence “Crusher” Crock and has been promoted to the main cast in the third season. Yay.

neil hopkins young

neil hopkins gay or straight

neil hopkins hot in suit and tie - red carpet

Neil Hopkins Gay or Straight? He is straight and is very much married to wife Saba with whom he has two children. Saba is also an actor and she most recently starred in the TBS sitcom Chad. Here’s a photo of the lovely couple from their wedding day which we grabbed from Neil’s Instagram page (follow him @neilehopkins):

neil hopkins wedding saba hopkins

Attending a Hollywood event:

neil hopkins wife saba hopkins

Neil Hopkins Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Here’s what we found:

neil hopkins underwear

neil hopkins shirtless body

neil hopkins shirtless

Awww, he looks so cute when he was younger. Actually, he’s still a classically good looking guy but there’s an innocence in the pic below:

neil hopkins liam pace autograph

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