Navy Hottie in Uniform: Andy Baldwin, USNA Cadets, Johhny Carson

Navy Hottie of the Day: Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin has everything doesn’t he? He’s really got it all — good looks, great body, reality fame, an A-1 profession, and a Speedo that bulges in the right place. Hehe. Andy must have caught all the gifts from from God when he poured down his blessings from heaven. Either that or our Andy just a hard working good looking guy who got lucky.

navy hottie andy baldwin

Oh, what did we tell you about his Speedo? It would be more impressive if he went for a white Speedo rather than a dark one.

navy hottie speedo andy baldwin

Oh wow, hot guys in uniform indeed.


Shirtless Andy is one of the sexiest men in the world according to People Magazine.


Another hunky navy hottie is Johnny Carson who joined the US Navy on June 8, 1943.

navy hottie johnny carson

More about Johnny’s Navy service from our post on celebrities in the Navy: “Commissioned an ensign late in the war, Carson was assigned to the USS Pennsylvania in the Pacific. While in the Navy, Carson posted a 10-0 amateur boxing record, with most of his bouts fought on board the USS Pennsylvania. He was en route to the combat zone aboard a troopship when the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the war. Carson served as a communications officer in charge of decoding encrypted messages and said that the high point of his military career was performing a magic trick for United States Secretary of the Navy James V. Forrestal.”

Finally, here are shirtless navy hottie cadets from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.

navy hottie cadets usna


Navy Hottie Uniform: Vladimir Ivanov, Russian Male Model
17 December 2009

navy hottie russian model vlad ivanov

Want more men in uniform? Here’s Russian male model Vladimir Ivanov looking great in a classic navy uniform.

Okay, who looks better in uniform: this Vladimir guy, or Tom Cruise in his aviation overalls suit, or Dean Phoenix in his fireman’s uniform, or Prince Harry in his camouflage pants?

We gotta go with Prince Harry because he is the real deal. He is actually a military dude (he’s an air force man) while the others are make-believe models.


Anyhoo, want more hunky Russian guys like Vladimir? Then check out NHL hockey players Alexei Kovalev and Ilya Kovalchuk as well as actor Anton Yelchin.