Natasha Wicks: UFC Octagon Girl

Natasha Wicks, Octagon Girl. Famewatchers, meet Natasha Wicks, the newest member of the UFC Octagon babes. She beat 39 other Octagon Girl wannabes during a UFC search held last July.

natasha wicks octagon ufc

You go, girl! UPDATE: Sadly for Natasha, her Octagon gig did not work out. For some still unnamed reason the UFC powers-that-be cut her contract before it expired. Not surprisingly, this surprising development drew negative comments from some Natasha fans across the internets such as:

  • Natasha is good looking naturally. Arianny is plastic surgically enhanced.
  • Natasha, I liked quite a bit. She didn’t come across as “company” as Arianny and always seemed to speak her mind more. Also she seemed more down to earth.

Who is this Arianny our Natasha is being compared to? Arianny is Arianny Celeste. The Bleacher Report describes her as “one of the most beautiful women at UFC. Unfortunately, she’s not terribly coordinated..” Hehe. That dig about her coordinating abilities is kinda fun, eh? Here’s a pic of Arianny (full name: Arianny Celeste-Penelope Lopez), decide for yourself who’s hotter between her and Natasha.

So have you made up your mind? Anyhoo, let’s go back to Natasha because some of you are looking for “natasha wicks glasses”. Hehe. Obviously, some of you have a nerd fetish because you like them girls in glasses. You’re lucky because we found exactly what you’re looking for in Natasha’s Model Mayhem profile.

She does look cute in her glasses, no?

If you’re wondering about what Natasha Wicks is up to these days, well we don’t really know but she’s still doing some modeling gigs. Check out her recent swimsuit photos which looks very Baywatch. If David Haselhoff ever remakes the show about lifeguards running around in their red swimsuits, we suggest he cast Natasha. Too bad we don’t think The Hoff is thinking of remaking Baywatch.