Naomi Watts Style Watch: Jeans and Leather Jacket

Naomi Watts Style Watch: Jeans and Leather Jacket. Hollywood actress Naomi Watts is looking good in her nearly all-leather outfit. She should have traded those skinny jeans for skinny leather pants to complete the look.

naomi watts style leather jacket jeans

Still, she looks awesome doesn’t she. She looks like a girl who can kick a man’s misbehavin’ ass.

naomi watts style jeans

naomi watts fashion style

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Naomi Watts Style Watch: Gucci Ensemble, Ugg Boots, and More. Let’s have more of Naomi’s fashion style, shall we? Here’s the very pregnant British-born Aussie beauty with husband Liev Schreiber and their toddler (we’re assuming that kid in the stroller is their first son, Sasha). We must say that this picture made us like Naomi and Liev even more. We liked them before but we like them much more now after seeing this photo of them in action as parents. There’s something endearing about how Naomi is so unstyled with her Ugg boots and a shirt that shows her bellybutton. Hehe. Not glamorous, sure. But it makes her someone we can identify with and, thus, very likeable.

naomi watts style ugg boots

Of course, she can be glamorous if she wants to. Here’s Naomi in an all-Gucci head-to-toe ensemble, Gucci leather shoes and a Gucci silver gunmetal sequined dress.

naomi watts style gucci

Naomi in Prada. Her sequin skirt is from the fall/winter 2002 Prada Ready to Wear Collection. Almost vintage, no?

naomi watts style prada

Naomi in a Derek Lam sleeveless dress from the designer’s Spring/Summer 2008 Collection.

naomi watts style dress derek lam

Naomi brings out her inner “leather lover”; she’s wearing a pair of Nicole Miller leather pants and Lacrasia leather gloves.

naomi watts style leather pants nicole miller

We saved the best for last for those of you who are fans of celebrities in their undies. Here’s Naomi posing for Vanity Fair Italy Magazine.

naomi watts underwear vanity fair

Naomi Watts Style Watch: Leather Jacket and Pants, Gucci Ensemble, Ugg Boots, and More. Posted 8 January 2010. Updated 3 June 2017.