Jessie Godderz Underwear: Tighty Whitie, Boxer Briefs, Squarecut Trunks

Jessie Godderz Underwear: Tighty Whitie, Boxer Briefs, Squarecut Trunks (Posted 8 May 2010). Do these underwear photos of Big Brother muscle hunk Jessie Godderz make you go, “Damn! How hot is this guy? We’d like to bring him home to mama!” Of course you do but rest assured you’re not the only one with this reaction. We’re pretty sure our friend Kevin who’s living in The Land Down Under is lovin’ and screaming about these photos.

jessie godderz underwear model

jessie godderz swimwear model

As you can see in the image itself, these photos are courtesy of

jessie godderz underwear photo

Jessie sure is rocking his squarecut swimsuit in the photos above. Now, what do you think of his tighty whitie underwear modeling pic below? Pretty cool, no? And because tighty-whities appear to be as not popular anymore, we gotta give props to guys like our Jessie who continues to wear ’em.

jessie godderz tighty whitie briefs underwear

And here’s Jessie posing in a pair of boxer briefs. Niiiice!

jessie godderz underwear boxer briefs

Now, Jessie goes for the “shirtless in blue jeans” look. Do we hear more screaming from Kevin? Oh, yeah! He’s screaming about those well-defined washboard abs.

jessie godderz washboard abs

Well done, Mr. Godderz, well done. You’re really sculpted. Now, can you tell us about the workout routine that gave you those perfect six-packs? Now, Jessie is handsome and he may have the perfect muscles but would you agree that the sexiest part of him is actually his puppy-dog eyes? They kinda remind us of Elijah Wood.

Is Muscle Hunk Jessie Godderz Gay? (30 July 2008). Is fitness fanatic and muscle man Jessie Godderz, by any chance, a friend of Dorothy? That’s the rumor about the Big Brother housemate these days. He reportedly had some gay-friendly photoshoot for a magazine so maybe he is, no?

Jessie Godderz gay or straight

Nah, a lot of guys do those kinds of photos and they are not suspected to be ghey. So that does not give us a definitive answer on whether Jessie is gay or not. But what do you think? Is he or isn’t he? Do we care? Does it really matter?

Jessie Godderz big brother

Big Brother Bromance: Jessie Godderz and Russell Kairouz (18 July 2009). These two muscle-jocks should just get a room and get it over with. They are soo into each other. Seriously.


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