Is Murray Bartlett Gay in Real Life?

Is Murray Bartlett Gay in Real Life? Australian actor Murray Bartlett plays a 40-year-old “daddy type” gay man in the HBO series, Looking, but what is his orientation in real life? Is he gay, straight, bisexual, or questioning?

murray bartlett shirtless - hairy body

Out Magazine ( claims that he is openly gay:

Murray Bartlett: Openly gay Australian actor Murray Bartlett plays Dom, their mutual friend, a well-built waiter edging on 40 who has dreams of opening his own restaurant. “Dom has coasted by on his looks,” says Bartlett, whose last major gig was on CBS’s daytime soap opera Guiding Light. “He’s at a point where he wants more depth in his life.”

So far, only Out Magazine is making the claim that Bartlett is gay. No coming out story, no interview, no any other mention in the media that Bartlett – an acting veteran who began his career way back in 1987 – is openly gay. So we don’t know what to make of Out’s casual description of the Looking hunk as an “openly gay Australian actor”.

However, maybe Out is right. Maybe Bartlett has been living an openly gay existence. After all, he did star in and produced a gay film (the 2011 gay romance drama, August), had his fare share of gay roles according to an IMDB commenter, and seems to be pretty knowledgeable about LGBT film making. Here’s Murray talking about gay-themed movies in an interview with

I feel like there’s sort of a move now towards stories that have some kind of LGBT element, but it’s not necessarily the main event. I mean, it still can be, and that’s great. But I feel like what we’re seeing now is what I think is just good quality films. The fact they have LGBT content is almost incidental in a way. We’re not looking at films here just purely because they’re LGBT films. Although that’s an important element, it’s because they’re good films.

So yeah, we are starting to believe that Out Magazine is telling the truth about Bartlett’s sexuality.

But enough with that. Let’s just ogle at his sexy shirtless photos. Haha.

Bartlett (as Troy) with his lover/boyfriend Daniel Dugan (as Thomas) in the 2005 short, Postmortem.

murray bartlett boyfriend lover is daniel duggan in post-mortem

Interestingly, the two play gay lovers again in the 2011 movie, August.

murray bartlett gay in august - with boyfriend lover daniel dugan

Murray Bartlett Underwear Photo. Bartlett with Lawrence Saint-Victor in the TV series, Guiding Light.

murray bartlett underwear - boxer briefs

Two hunky guys playing with water and getting wet in their boxer shorts underwear, what’s not to like?

murray bartlett underwear - Cyrus - Murray Bartlett and Remy - Laurence Saint-Victor - Guiding Light

Is Murray Dating Anyone Now? does not list anyone in his dating history so he must be pretty private about it. If he is single, maybe we should do a strategic matchmaking for him like we did for Tim Cook’s Asian Boyfriend? What do you think? Who should we pair for Murray? Maybe Anderson Cooper? Haha.