Movie Actors Underwear Scenes: Best Movie Underwear List

Movie Actors Underwear Scenes. So fellow Famewatchers, do you have a favorite movie underwear scene featuring male actors?

Our pick would be Brad Pitt and his white boxer shorts in Mr. and Mrs. Smith when he was fighting the baddies. Can you imagine going to “war” in your underwear? We sure can’t

Anyhoo, here’s the A-List superstar and his classic white boxer shorts which, to us, has entered the “iconic movie underwear/swimwear” territory. Well, maybe it’s not as iconic as Daniel Craig’s Speedo in James Bond but it is iconic nonetheless.

movie actors underwear scenes - brad pitt mr and mrs smith

Too bad boxer shorts appear to have fallen out of favor, no? It’s all about boxer briefs for men these days.

brad pitt underwear white boxer shorts - mr and mrs smith

Other noteworthy movie actors underwear scenes include Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. Like Brad above, our Dustin is also a boxer shorts kind of guy.

movie actors underwear dustin hoffman in the graduate

Among the young stars of Hollywood, one man stands out when it comes to acting in his undies. Who? It’s our favorite young star – the gorgeous, good-looking, and totally awesome Zac Efron. For instance, check him out dancing in his white briefs in Paperboy: Zac Efron’s Tighty Whitie Underwear.

And here’s another movie underwear scene where our Zac is made to wear a pair of tan or flesh-colored briefs underwear. The scene is from the movie Dirty Grandpa which was released this year. In case you are wondering, Robert de Niro is the titular Dirty Grandpa.

movie actors underwear - zac efron bad grandpa

What kind of underwear to the gods of mythology wear? Well, apparently, Thor’s reincarnation in the modern world aka Chris Hemsworth is a boxer briefs kind of guy. Here’s Chris in the 2015 movie, Vacation.

chris hemsworth underwear movie vacation

Ryan Reynolds, for his part, prefers briefs underwear. At least he does in this scene from Mississippi Grind. The movie was released last year. However, you might not have heard of it because its an indie film. It’s unfortunate that not a lot of people saw it because it has a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

ryan reynolds underwear - briefs - mississippi grind

Sixth in our list of noteworthy movie actors underwear is this scene from Edward Norton in Birdman. Who says men should not wear animal print underwear? Certainly not Edward!

ed norton birdman underwear

Last but not the least in our list of movie actors underwear scenes is Josh Duhamel in his 2010 rom-com Life as We Know It with Katherine Heigl.

josh duhamel boxers underwear in movie poster - like as we knew it

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