Moschino Male Underwear Models 2021 Edition

Moschino Male Underwear Models 2021 Edition. So we were thinking of including these photos when we updated what we wrote about Moschino hunks from way back in 2012 but our friend Kevin was like, “Are you mad? That’s going to be a very long post. Better to do a separate one.”

Realizing that he is right, we decided to do a separate blog post and so here are more Moschino male underwear models for the thirsty Famewatchers among us. We begin, of course, with probably the most famous university teacher in the world, the whipsmart Italian Maths lecturer Pietro Boselli who went on to become a model:

moschino male underwear model - pierto boselli

Next up, American hunk Brandon Good who sure has the goods to be a top model:

moschino male underwear models - Brandon Good3

Apparently, the hunky Cheyenne Parker who’s rocking his animal print Moschino briefs in the next pic below isn’t the only famous Cheyenne Parker in the world because there’s a female basketball star who shares his name.

moschino male underwear models - cheyenne parker

What do you think of Christian Arciga’s hairstyle below? Not a lot of people can pull that look but he sure is rocking it.

moschino male underwear models - Christian Arciga2

Jhonathan Burjack is a Brazilian model who appeared on the Brazilian TV show √Čramos Seis:

moschino male underwear models - Jhona Burjack

Mason McKenrick is our new imaginary beau. There we said it. Haha.

moschino male underwear models - Mason McKenrick

Matthew Laureano is hot AF and all of us here at Famewatcher wanna bring home to mama. Don’t judge, we know you do too. Haha.

moschino male underwear models - Matthew Laureano

Awww. How cute is carpenter turned model turned actor Matthew Noszka in the pic below?

moschino male underwear models - matthew noszka

Sergio Carvajal looks like he is working out in his undies, no? Either that or the photographer was like, “Hey why don’t you pose like you are leaning and raise your right foot like that?” Truthfully, we think its the latter.

moschino male underwear models - Sergio Carvajal - jeremy scott designer

Ahh, Iago Botelho. What a cutie! What a tease! What a hunk!

moschino male underwear models iago botelho

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