MMA Fighters Underwear: Brand Picks and Style Preferences

MMA Fighters Underwear: Brand Picks and Style Preferences. Are you looking for mixed martial arts (MMA) who have a second career as a male model? Well, we already brought you Georges St. Pierre’s Under Armour underwear, Alex Reid’s underwear pics, and Jason Chambers short shorts, but we are more than happy to oblige if you want some more pics of MMA fighter’s in their undies.

So Famewatchers, meet soldier turned underwear model turned MMA fighter Charles Dera and his underwear picks.

mma fighters underwear

UPDATE: Apparently, a lot of you love MMA fighters as male models. All we want to do in this site is to give what our fellow Famewatchers want so here are more cage fighters’ modeling photos.

We begin with Canadian cage fighter Ryan Ford wearing a pair of Ginch Gonch boxer briefs underwear.

mma fighters underwear ryan ford ginch gonch

Patrick “Pat” Barry had fun attending a UFC conference with his tighty-whitie briefs.

mma fighters underwear

The picture below, which Pat reportedly posted on Twitter, prompted our friend Kevin to go, “Oh my fucking God!”. Kevin became an instant fan of Pat Barry because of this pic. Note to MMA fighters: This is how you can broaden your fan base. Have fun photos with your underwear!

pat barry underwear

During a weigh-in, American MMA fighter Alan Belcher meets his opponent, French Canadian Patrick Cote, wearing only his Batman briefs. Nice, but this pic would have been much nicer if Patrick is also wearing a superhero-themed underwear.

mma fighters underwear alan belcher batman

However, Patrick also has hot MMA weigh-in underwear photos. Like these pictures where he drops his shorts revealing his sexy tight Diesel briefs.

Or this one where he’s wearing striped boxer shorts.

And what about this picture of our French-Canadian hottie in his bulging G-Star Raw boxer briefs? What did we tell you about how to expand your fan base? Patrick reportedly tweeted this photo for his Twitter followers?

Okay, let’s end this MMA Fighters Underwear post with this picture of Latino MMA hunk wearing what’s probably the teeniest MMA weigh-in briefs we’ll ever see.

That’s it, MMA-underwear watchers! Hope you enjoyed ogling at the photos. Hehe. If you want more, go check out these MMA Hunks.

MMA Fighters Underwear: Brand Picks and Style Preferences. Posted 20 April 2010. Updated 1 June 2017.