Mixed Race Men are Hot: Handsome Biracial Guys

Mixed Race Men are Hot Update. Who says we are done updating this post. We sure are not because we just keep coming across mixed race guys that make us go, “Damn, he is hawt! Hawt! Hawt!” And then our friend Kevin goes, “Yeah, you should put them in your blog for your thirsty readers.” And we go like, “You’re the one to speak, chile, you are the thirstiest of them all!!!”

But we do agree with Kevin’s suggestion that these guys should be included in our list, so here we go (from top to bottom): male model Clifford Mamotte who is of Polynesian and African-American descent; Aussie actor Devon Terrell who is African-American, English, and Indian; and Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka who is part-Japanese and part European.

hot mixed race men - Clifford Mamotte

hot mixed race men - devon terrell

hot mixed race men - half white half asian - hideo muraoka

UPDATE: MIXED RACE OLYMPIC HOTTIES (30 August 2016). Hah! The Olympics gave us some really hot mixed race men so we decided to update this post to add these guys:

Pita Taufatofua. Pita became everybody’s imaginary Rio Olympics boyfriend when he carried the Tongan flag during the Games’ opening ceremonies. Pita’s dad is from Tonga while his mom is British-Australian.

hot mixed race olympian - Pita Taufatofua

Nathan Adrian. If Pita is everybody’s imaginary boyfriend, Nathan is our imaginary boyfriend. The good-lookin’ American swimmer has five Olympic gold medals to his name from team/medley events. He also boasts of two individual bronze medals. His mom is originally from Hongkong while his dad is from the U.S.

hot mixed race men - nathan adrian - asian american olympic star2

Joseph Schooling bagged Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold medal when he bested all his rivals in the 100-meter butterfly event. His mom is Chinese Malaysian while his dad is Singaporean of British/Portuguese/Eurasian descent.

hot mixed race men - joseph schooling

So that’s it, fellow Famewatchers. What do you think of these hot mixed race men?

Mixed Race Men Are Hot (24 August 2016). First of all, we already wrote a post on the hot biracial men of Hollywood, so follow the link if you want to check it out. Consider this as Part II of our first post but, this time, we will focus on non-Hollywood biracial guys. Let us begin with:

Andy Honda. We are not 100% sure about what Andy’s ethnicity is. But, if we have to guess, we are gonna say he is part-Hawaiian, part-Asian, and part-European. What’s your guess?

hot gay asian men in hollywood - andy honda

Jeremy Meeks broke the internet last year when his mugshot was shared by the police department. Because of his unique and stunning good looks, his “fans” photoshopped his handsome face on everything like this Tom Ford perfume advert. True enough, Jeremy was signed by a modeling agency when he got out of jail this month. He would be a good fit for Calvin Klein, no? Let’s hope they book him to front an ad campaign or something like that.

mixed race men - hot jeremy meeks

Ben Simmons. Another handsome mixed race hunk is basketball star Ben Simmons. He made headlines yesterday when he was picked as the number one draft for the NBA. His mom is Australian while his dad is African-American.

ben simmons hot biceps - nba

Finally, let’s add Barack Obama to this list of hot mixed race men. Of course, every one knows his background but if you happen to still don’t know, his dad is black while his mom is white. Now you know. We are so gonna miss him when he leaves office. Thank you, Mr. President. You did a great job!


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