Missoni Bikini Swimwear: Celebrities in Two-Piece Missoni Swimsuits

Missoni Bikini Swimwear: Celebrities in Two-Piece Missoni Swimsuits. Missoni two-piece bikini swimwear is one of the more interesting women’s swimsuits because of its zigzaggy stylish design. No wonder many famous girls are loving it.

Check out these six celebrities/models looking fabulous in their Missoni bikini swimsuits.

two piece missoni bikini swimsuit

Jada Pinkett Smith is, without a doubt, proud of her Missoni and gorgeous body (with good reason) because she tweeted the above photo to her followers with a message that goes, “To my Forty and over crew! Don’t believe the hype… we DO get better with age!”

For the record, Jada is 40 years old so she knows what she is talking about and she’s got the fit body to prove it.

Another famous woman of a certain age who looks fabulous in her Missoni two-piece bikini is Academy-nominated actress Sharon Stone. Can you believe she’s 54 years old?

She certainly puts us a lot of us 30-something girls to shame. Time to hit the treadmill, Deena!

missoni bikini sharon stone two piece missoni bikini

Rihanna in a two-piece Missoni bikini during one of her many beach holidays. Another interesting pic of Rihanna in a bikini riding a horse bareback is uploaded in our post about Celebrities in Two-Piece Bikini Swimsuits. You should check out it because seeing Rihanna riding a horse is fantabulous.

missoni bikini rihanna two-piece bikini

We’re not that familiar with Taylor Armstrong but we heard she’s one of the stars of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives franchise. How old is she? What’s her workout and diet secrets? How does she have a bangin-bikini body like that? [Question: Toby also wants to know if she’s in a relationship. Hehe.] Anyhoo, like the rest of the girls, bangin-Taylor is wearing a Missoni swimwear.

Oops, hey, we didn’t realize that Victoria’s Secret angel and Transformers star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is dating Expendables hunk Jason Statham? They even go to beach vacations together. Our Deena will be depressed when she finds out that Jason’s been taken. There’s still Orlando Bloom, Deena. Oh wait, he’s not available too.

missoni bikini rosie huntingtong

Coleen Rooney gets a 9 (out of 10) from Daily Mail with her bangin-bikini bod and her Missoni two-piece. Those Daily Mail editors are hard to impress so Coleen must be very pleased with herself. We believe that her 9 is well-deserved too.

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Missoni Bikini Swimwear: Celebrities in Two-Piece Missoni Swimsuits. Posted 21 August 2012.