Mission Impossible Leather Jackets: Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise)

Mission Impossible Leather Jackets. Some moviegoers are excited to see the upcoming 5th installment of Mission Impossible because of the “wham, bam, bang excitement” that the series is known for. A much smaller subset of said moviegoers are more excited not merely because of the whambambang experience but because they are leather jacket afficionados who are curious to see what their favorite characters will wear.

This post is for said afficionados who, we think, will love Luther Stickell’s (played by Ving Rhames) bomber leather jacket. This is probably our favorite of all the Mission Impossible leather jackets.

mission impossible 5 rogue nation leather jacket - Ving Rhames

Tom Cruise/Ethan Hunt’s leather jacket is mostly hidden so we don’t know whether we’ll love it or not. [Want more sexy leather jackets?]

mission impossible 5 rogue nation - tom cruise ethan hunt leather jacket2

Tom with leading lady Rebecca Ferguson. Is this the same jacket seen in the poster? Too glossy, no? Makes it look like faux leather.

mission impossible 5 rogue nation - tom cruise ethan hunt leather jacket

Shall we check out all the Mission Impossible leather jackets ever worn by Ethan and his buddies? Let’s start with the very first Mission Impossible movie released in 1996. Shoot, that’s almost 20 years ago! No wonder Tom Cruise looks fresh and cool in the images below.

mission impossible 1 leather coat - tom cruise ethan hunt

Next composite is from Mission Impossible II (released in 2000). Ethan Hunt looks badass in his biker leather jacket while Richard Roxburgh (and his leather jacket) co-star as Hugh Stamp. Unfortunately, we see no more of Roxburgh because he gets killed in the movie.

mission impossible 2 leather jacket - tom cruise as ethan hunt and richard roxburgh as hugh stamp2

Next up is Mission Impossible III (released in 2006) which gave us this fabulous leather jacket.

mission impossible iii leather jacket - ethan hunt

Tommy Boy, a year away from his crazy couch-jumping on Oprah, wore this leather jacket while promoting the movie.

mission impossible iii leather jacket - tom cruise - movie promo 2006

Tom didn’t have all the leather all to himself, his castmates — Ving Rhames (Luther Stickell), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Declan Gormley), and Maggie Q (Zhen Lei) — wore them some leather jackets too.

mission impossible iii leather jacket - Ving Rhames - Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Maggie Q

The fourth movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011), brought us Josh Holloway’s leather jacket. We would have wanted to see more of Josh (he played CIA agent Trevor Hanaway) but the movie-powers-that-be offed him.

mission impossible leather jacket - ghost protocol - josh holloway

Let’s end this post with Ethan’s Ghost Protocol leather jacket. Now that’s the cool leather jacket with hoodie.

mission impossible ghost protocol leather jacket - tom cruise ethan hunt

So where can you buy these Mission Impossible leather jackets? Lots of enterprising people are making replicas so that would be a good place to start.

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