Miranda Kerr: Victoria’s Secret Underwear Model

Is Australian model Miranda Kerr the next Elle MacPherson? One is tempted to say yes as they’re both Australians and they’re both Victoria’s Secret underwear models but we’re not really sure if it is fair to place these two ladies on the same plane. After all, one was active during the Age of Supermodels when models were regarded as mainstream celebrities while the other is active during the Age of Reality TV when models are no longer as popular.


Anyways, here are some pics of Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend.

miranda kerr victorias secret model

Nice bra you’ve got there, gurrrl.


Miranda Kerr is the Face of Victoria’s Secret Underwear (posted 10 April 2009). Why is model Miranda Kerr aka Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend traipsing around the park in her underwear? Huh. You have to ask. She’s shooting a TV ad for a women’s underwear line.

1miranda kerr2

Well, we are pretty sure she is celebrating because she is the new star of Victoria’s Secret underwear. Way to go, Miranda! Now, when are you and Orlando going to give the world some little Mirandas or little Orlandos?