Womens Military Jackets: Celebrities and Models Style Watch

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Womens Military Jackets: Cheryl Cole Fashion Style. Looking for military jackets for girls? Well, let’s check out this cool military-style jacket on X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole. You might not be a fan of her singing and her decisions while judging X-Factor contestants but you gotta give her props for looking good in this outfit, no?

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Is she texting rumored boyfriend Derek Hough?

Want more women’s jackets? Check out these G-Star jackets for spring 2011, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Gucci Resort 2010 Blazer, and Jenny MacCarthy’s Balmain Cotton Blend Tuxedo Jacket.

Designer Military Jackets for Stylish Women (20 June 2011). Want some fab military jackets for girls from designer labels? Well, what do you think of this Michael Jackson-inspired military-style outfit from the French fashion house, Balmain. We are not particularly enamored with this jacket but our friend Deena absolutely loves it.

This we love! Its from the Marc Jacobs Spring Summer Womenswear Collection. We’re loving the olive green color and we’re loving the silent but chic simplicity of the design. We give it a 10.

Another design which deserves a 10 is this outfit from the Calvin Klein collection. The jacket can stand on its own but it looks even better when, as in the case of this model photo, it is paired with the pantsuit to make a complete get-up. You know who we’d like to see wearing this CK jacket? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that’s who. We know she’ll rock this outfit and will look pretty badass meeting her foreign counterparts wearing this.

From Balmain to Marc Jacobs to Calvin Klein, let’s now move on to see what the British fashion house that is Burberry Prorsum has to offer when it comes to military style jackets. Here’s one from the Burberry Fall/Winter Collection.

Want a leather military jacket? Here’s a terrific stylish one from the Illia “Crunch” collection. Deena agrees with us that this jacket also deserves a 10. In fact, we’d give it a higher rating if ten is not the highest in our scale. Hehe.

Some of us are not familiar with the Illia brand but here’s what we know: It’s based in Los Angeles but has stores across the United States as well as Canada and the Bahamas. It’s brand designer is a dude named John Murrough who relaunched the brand with partner Robbie Moray in 2009. The Illia style is described by the company as “a contemporary women’s line with a rugged, yet feminine aesthetic and unparalleled focus in leather.” We do see what these folks are talking about in their Illia Crunch leather military jacket.

An outfit we’d like to buy and add to our closet is this jacket from the Korean designer label, deepstyle. This one’s from the label’s Winter Collection. We are so loving the buttons which is funny because Deena is not liking this outfit particularly because of the, in her words, “too many buttons”.

Maybe you should help us decide the matter as to which military jacket is better: this deepstyle one with “too many buttons” which we love but which Deena does not like or the Balmain jacket which Deena loves but which we don’t care for at all. Also, which of the above military jackets for girls is your personal favorite?

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