Michele Morrone Underwear, Speedo, Smoking Gorgeous Italian Hunk

Michele Morrone Underwear, Speedo, Smoking Gorgeous Italian Hunk. Damn, it seems like we are missing something by not watching the Polish movie 365 Days. We’ve seen it appear on the Netflix user interface but haven’t bothered clicking on the movie because it kinda looked like a generic love story. It also has a really bad rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics and audience members agreeing about its badness (0 among critics and 30% among the audience) so we’re like, “Eh, we’re not gonna watch it.”

But, for some reason, the world is going gaga over its lead star, Italian actor Michele Morrone. His Instagram followers zoomed to 8.1 million following the release of the movie last month (he had around 50,000 followers before that). Geordie Shore reality star Sophie Kasaei is reportedly obsessed over him according to the Daily Mail. And, just a few hours ago, TMZ reported that the actor inked a six-figure modeling contract with Marciano and Guess by Marciano.

So we decided to investigate to see what we we’re missing and, boy, did our jaw drop and did our mind suddenly understand why the ladies (and some guys) are going excited over Michele. How would we say it? He is hot S-E-X personified. He’s in great shape. He’s leaving his chest hair unshaved. He looks great in skimpy underwear and briefs-style Speedos.

Anyhoo, here are some photos of the 29-year-old Milanese hunk:

Michele Morrone speedo

We now understand why the world is going thirsty over him.

Michele Morrone underwear by versace

Want more male celebrity Speedo?

Michele Morrone underwear dolce gabbana briefs

Michele in Dolce Gabbana briefs, the D&G people should have inked a contract with him before Marciano.

Michele Morrone bulge

Michele Morrone Gay or Straight? Boyfriend or Girlfriend? We ask because he posted this photo of himself kissing Batman on his Instagram page. Hehe.

Michele Morrone gay kissing batman

We also ask because he also posted this kinda gay photo which reminded us of Alex Rodriguez’s photo years ago which had baseball fans teasing the baseball great. Haha.

Michele Morrone gay or straight

But to answer the question, Michele is straight and was married to designer Rouba Saadeh with whom he has two children. However, the two divorced in 2018 which means you can call him your imaginary boyfriend without feeling icky. Here’s a photo of the exes back to when they were together.

Michele Morrone girlfriend wife 2020

We do not know whether Michele is seeing anyone at the moment but we will update this post once we have the information.

Now, back to more photos of the hunky actor. For the record, he also looks good in a suit:

michele morrone hot suit and tie

As well as in a leather jacket:

Michele Morrone hot leather jacket

And in jeans and tank top shirt:

michele morrone smoking hot

A younger Michele Morrone shirtless photo:

michele morrone shirtless smoking hot

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