Michael Auger Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Michael Auger Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Here’s a question for the folks among us who have made it a hobby to ogle at male celebrity underwear: Is Collabro’s Michael Auger wearing swim trunks in the photo below or is he one of those guys — we are looking at you Justin Bieber — who use their underwear as swimwear?

michael auger shirtless in underwear

We are asking because Kevin is insistent that the singer is wearing boxer briefs underwear while three of your four Famewatchers (moi, Deena, and Sheila) hold the view that Mr. Auger is a sensible guy and that he brought a swimwear when he went to the beach. Though he is outnumbered 3 to 1, Kevin points to the next photo below as “evidence”. Essentially, he is saying that Michael’s underwear below is the same as the one he is wearing above. What do you think, fellow Famewatchers?

MICHAEL AUGER underwear - collabro

But, let’s move on and check out these fabulous photos of the Collabro cutie, shall we? We grabbed these from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @michaelcollabro.

michael auger guys in sweatpants

michael auger hot in suit

michael auger gay times jeans and shirt

Now, who among you remember the day when Michael and his pals won Britain’s Got Talent? It’s been seven years already and props to these guys for establishing themselves in the biz. They may not have exploded internationally a-la One Direction but Collabro did pretty well having released six albums which made the charts and gone on numerous tours.

michael auger collabro winning bgt Thomas Redgrave, Michael Auger, Matt Pagan, Richard Hadfield and Jaime Lambert

Michael Auger Gay or Straight? He is straight and is currently dating model and fitness instructor Nicole Turner. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds attending the 2021 Royal Variety Performance gala:

michael auger girlfriend 2022 nicole turner

michael auger girlfriend nicole turner2

Michael Auger Shirtless and Underwear Photos. For the thirsty hos among us, here are more shirtless and underwear photos of our hot British singer. Now, Michael’s is the kind of body hair we want on our men. He’s not shaving it to the point of being as smooth as a baby but he is not leaving it untrimmed to the point of resembling a grassy forest. Hehe. Want more celebrity chest hair?

michael auger underwear tommy hilfiger

michael auger guys with iphones

michael auger underwear

michael auger shirtless collabro

michael auger hot body

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