Mezghan Hussainy Model Beauty is Simon Cowell’s Girlfriend

Mezghan Hussainy Model Beauty is Simon Cowell’s Girlfriend. So it’s official, folks. Mezghan Hussainy is no longer just Simon Cowell’s girlfriend, she is now his future wife. So that diamond ring she was wearing on their date is really an engagement ring from Simon.

Mezghan Hussainy Model Beauty

Well, we gotta say that we are happy for both of them. Check out their “lemme-bring-you-to-my-Los-Angeles-home” photo below. Kind of cute, isn’t it?

Do you think they will get Ryan Seacrest as their bridesmaid or something?

Mezghan Hussainy Model Beauty HOME

Want more of Simon Cowell’s mansion?

Diamond Engagement Ring for Mezhgan Hussainy?
18 February 2010

Mezghan Hussainy Model HOT Beauty

Looks like Bar Refaeli isn’t the only one who may have gotten herself an engagement ring. Check out this sparkly ring on Mezghan Hussainy. Did Mezghan’s boyfriend aka Simon Cowell aka The Notorious Bachelor propose?


Mezghan Hussainy Model Beauty ENGAGED

Maybe Simon is now ready to settle down and listen to the pitter patter of little feet in his Los Angeles home, huh? We wonder what his BFF Ryan Seacrest will say about that!

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Mezghan Hussainy Model is Simon Cowell’s GF?
28 July 2009

Is Simon Cowell not bumping uglies with Ryan Seacrest afterall, and is dating American Idol make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy instead? There appears to be a special “unique” relationship between Simon and the Afghan beauty. Maybe they’re soulmates? Or just friends with benefits? According to the Daily Mirror, the two met on the set of American Idol but they reportedly became close while working together on a makeover for Susan “I Dreamed a Dream” Boyle.

UPDATE: Mezhgan Hussainy Model in Bikini Underwear Photos
11 May 2011

This update is for the Famewatchers among us who are looking for Mezhgan’s underwear or bikini pictures. Consider your wish fulfilled. Here are some photos of Simon Cowell’s girl looking fabulous in her two-piece bikini swimsuit.

From the back.

Another pic from the back with the classy Simon Cowell picking at his butt.

Frontal snapshot of Mezhgan with another girl.

mezghan bikini babe

Interestingly, some of you are wondering whether Mezhgan is pretty. This question makes us go, “Are you crazy? She’s not just pretty. She’s a beautiful gorgeous girl. The aging Simon Cowell is lucky to have her!” Here’s a pic which illustrates Mezhgan’s gorgeousness.