Mens Wrangler Jeans: Celebrities Wearing Wrangler Denims

Mens Wrangler Jeans: Celebrities Wearing Wrangler Denim Jeans. So who of your favorite celebrities love them their Wranglers?

Well, we made a list, checked it twice, and wrote this blog post on famous guys who were spotted wearing the durable, comfortable, and kickass jeans by the Greensboro-based workwear brand.

Initially, we were planning to include female celebrities who love them their Wranglers but eventually decided to make a separate post in the future.

Chris Cooper. Oscar Award-winning actor Chris Cooper is wearing a pair of Wrangler jeans in this still photo from the Robert Pattinson-starrer, Remember Me.

Mens Wrangler Jeans Chris Cooper

Brett Favre: He may not be the Force of Football he once was but boy doesn’t our Brett Favre look great as a gray-haired male model? He is a celebrity model for Wrangler Jeans, in case you are wondering.

Mens Wrangler Jeans Brett Favre

Want a video version of Brett in Wrangler jeans? Check out this 2008 commercial featuring our football quarterback.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Another celebrity face for Wrangler Jeans is NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Mens Wrangler Jeans Dale Earnhardt

Like his son, legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr., also modeled for Wrangler Jeans. Check out this classic advertisement featuring Dale Sr.

Celebrities Wearing Mens Wrangler Jeans

Keith Morton. Speaking of classic Wrangler ads, here’s one from the 1990s featuring adventurer/outdoorsman and writer Keith Morton.

Vintage Mens Wrangler Jeans

Harrison Ford. We don’t have a picture of Harrison Ford wearing a pair of Wrangler Jeans but he apparently loves the brand so much he wore one during his wedding with Calista Flockhart.

Here’s a report from the National Ledger on Harrison’s wedding outfit: “Harrison Ford wore Wrangler jeans at his wedding to Calista Flockhart. The ‘Indiana Jones’ actor shunned designer clothes and dressed down in a pair of denim Wrangler pants for the nuptials, which took place last week.”

Want more celebrity jeans? Check out our post on Red Denim Jeans.

Mens Wrangler Jeans and Denim Jackets: Tony Ward, Manly Male Model (13 July 2010). We are kind of tired looking at young metros*xual male models so it’s refreshing for us to come across American male model Tony Ward looking all manly in his Wrangler jeans and denim jacket.

Mens Wrangler Jeans Tony Ward

He sure is the perfect model for this brand but Tony is also your modern Renaissance man. Wikipedia states that, aside from being a model, he’s also an actor, painter, photographer, and fashion designer.

Ain’t that cool? He brings some butchiness to the fashion design world!

mens wrangler jeans tony ward

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