Mens Winter Underwear: Thermals, Snug Briefs, Jockey Boxers?

Mens Winter Underwear (Vintage Style). For those of you who wondered about how to wear your long johns, maybe this “historical” photo will give you a clue.

Mens Winter Underwear Models Vintage

Apparently, according to the picture anyway, long johns back then went halfway up the guy’s stomach, way beyond the waistline. Really? Really? Beats us, but that’s what the photo shows.


Anyhoo, you can find more guys in thermal mens winter underwear in the following link: Men in Long Johns Underwear. On the other hand, you can forget all about long johns and do what the guys below are doing.

Snug Tiny Briefs as Mens Winter Underwear? The next images below are probably some of the craziest mens winter underwear photos we’ve ever seen. Really, who goes outdoors during winter with nothing but their teeny weeny briefs underwear? It makes an interesting photo but you are courting death by hypothermia.

tiny briefs as mens winter underwear

If you really want to go outdoors in your underwear during winter, we suggest you get yourself a pair of thermals. You know, like what the guys in our first post above are wearing.

mens winter underwear outside

Who says you can’t go nekkid in the snow? Not the guys above. And not Canadian model Brett Hollands who, as you will see below, also loves to play outdoors during winter with nothing but his boxer briefs to protect his sexy body from the winter chill.

Mens Winter Underwear: Jockey Boxers for Brett Hollands. Who says you should limit your winter underwear options to long johns thermal underwear. Not Canadian male model Brett Hollands who, as you can see in the pics, seems to be easily conquering the winter cold with nothing but his Jockey boxer shorts.

brett holland models boxer briefs mens winter underwear

Very niiiice jump, Brett! Now, fly like an eagle. Hehe.

mens winter jockey underwear boxer briefs

BLAST FROM THE PAST: 2xist Long John Thermal Underwear (Published: 10 December 2009). Did you know that 2xist underwear also produces long johns thermal underwear. We thought they’re all about teeny weeny briefs but they’re apparently more than that.


Anyhoo, here are some 2xist thermal undies you might want to check out and buy before you hibernate for winter.

mens winter underwear 2xist thermals

2xist long johns mens winter underwear