Mens Wet Shirts are Hot: Famous Male Celebrity Edition

Mens Wet Shirts are Hot: Famous Male Celebrity Edition. Those of you who wish to see some photos of famous Hollywood male celebrities in dripping wet shirts, raise your hand. Wow. All of you, eh? Consider your wish fulfilled because we’ve got some awesome photos for you. Let’s start with Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner looking oh-so-lickable on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. If you can’t get enough of him, check out Taylor’s wet shirt beach photos we uploaded months ago.

mens wet shirt celebrity edition taylor lautner

Now, here’s American Idol host — and Kathy Griffin “BFF” — Ryan Seacrest. He kinda rocks the wet-shirt look but we’d rather see Dermot O’Leary (reportedly the host of the upcoming American version of X-Factor) go all-wet on us.

male celebrity wet shirts

Next in our male celebrity wet shirts list is Justin Timberlake. He just proved to the world that he can act via the hit movie, The Social Network. He’s not just a pretty boy no more.

mens wet shirt justin timberlate male celebrity wet shirts

Of course, athletes look good in wet shirts, don’t they? Check out American football quarterback Tom Brady. (Bonus: Want to see Tom Brady’s underwear?)

mens wet shirt sports tom brady

Last but not the least, we have the cute, handsome, funny, and always interesting James Franco and his wet Gucci shirt.

mens wet shirt celebrity james franco

How to Win a Wet Shirt Contest: Orlando Bloom in The Good Doctor Movie (05 February 2010). Want to look hot even when you’re wet? Well, follow Orlando Bloom’s fashion style. Put on your wifebeaters, top it with a baby-blue dress shirt, wear a black trousers, and go dipping in the sea. The result: awesome photos of you with your hot wet clothes sticking to your muscled body. If you’ve got muscles, that is.

male celebrity wet shirt orlando bloom

These photos of Orlando Bloom are from the shooting of his upcoming movie, The Good Doctor. Do you feel the urge to rip his clothes off? You are not alone, dear. We feel the same way too :-)

mens wet shirt orlando bloom

mens wet shirt orlando bloom hot

Wet Shirt, Muscled Hunk: Alexis Palisson, French Rugby Player (07 November 2009). French rugby hunk Alexis Palisson shows us how muscled guys look in wet shirts. What a beautiful sight, eh? Check out the other photo below where Alexis strips off his white shirt. Alexis, for those of you who don’t know, plays for CA Brive in the French Top 14 competition. He stands at 1.76m tall, weighs just 83kg, and was born in Montauban, France last 9 September 1987.

mens wet shirt famous athlete Alexis Pallison3

Oh, by the way, these pics are part of the Dieux Du Stade 2010 calendar which also features Thom and Max Evans, Geoffroy Messina, Julien Arias, and many many more.

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